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Place your bets! Analysts take stabs at secret Apple Watch sales figures

Apple is still being coy about Apple Watch sales figures, with Cook this week noting that, “We are not announcing the numbers” — but assuring people that the company has “shipped a lot” of Apple Watches, and that numbers continue to grow. “This is competitive information,” he said. “I don’t want to help the competition. […]

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Pessimistic analysts miss the point of iPhone 6c

The much-rumored iPhone 6c won’t be enough to let Apple compete for marketshare with super-low-cost Android smartphone makers, claims analyst group IDC — a.k.a. commentators who appear to have totally misunderstood Apple’s entire business model. “Even if Apple were to introduce another low-cost iPhone (e.g. ‘C’ version), IDC believes the price will struggle to compete with Android […][Read More…]

Top Apple analysts says iWatch is running too late for 2014 launch

Despite a planned October unveiling, Apple may still not release the iWatch until next year. That’s the latest from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, an unusually reliable Apple analyst. Re/code reported two months ago that Apple’s first “foray into wearable…Read more ›

Analysts Predict Apple Sold A Record 55.3 Million iPhones Last Quarter

      Apple will hold its quarterly earnings call next Monday, which means analysts are beginning to weigh in on how many iPhones Apple sold during the holiday quarter. Although Apple’s new sales with China Mobile didn’t make it…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Analysts Estimate YOY iPad Sales Have Slowed To 18.1 Million In Q3 2013

ipadsales    After refreshing its iPad lineup in the fall last year, rather than summer, Apple set itself up to go through a June quarter without a new iPad launch for the first time since it was introduced in 2010. With Apple’s Q3 2013 quickly approaching on July 23rd, analysts have already begun to make […]

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Despite Drop In Stock Value, Most Analysts Are Bullish On AAPL [Report]

Heck of a jump there at the end, guys.

Heck of a jump there at the end, guys.

CNN Money polled 67 separate analysts, 39 pros and 28 indies, on their thoughts about Apple’s upcoming financial report, due on January 23rd. The consensus among them all is that Apple is most likely going to report the best quarter it has ever had. Ever.

The first quarter of fiscal year 2013 is,  [Read More…]

Apple Stock Surges After Analysts Claim Stock Price Is Insanely Cheap

Despite posting one of their most profitable quarters ever, Apple’s stock (AAPL) has taken a dive over the last two months. It’s been down nearly 25% from it’s recent highs and some analyst have said that the stock is great buy right now.

This morning, Brian White from Topeka claimed that the sell-off in Apple’s stock over the past weeks has been “insanely insane” given how Apple is poised to have  [Read More…]

Analysts Disappointed That Apple Has “Only” Sold 100M iPads So Far

When Tim Cook jumped on stage yesterday and ran through all the little statistics about how extremely successful Apple’s been over the last few months, he put some added emphasis on the fact that Apple just sold their 100 millionth iPad.

100 million iPads in just over two years is absolutely nuts. 100 million of any product sold in two years is insane. But it turns out that analysts weren’t thrilled  [Read More…]

Even Professional Analysts Aren’t Sure How Many iPads Apple Sold Last Quarter

As a publicly traded company, Apple submits its financial reports every quarter to let their investors know how well the company is doing. However, Apple is under no obligation to share specific financial results about each of the individual products it sells, data that it is still trying to protect via the court in the Apple v Samsung case in Northern California.

However, rabid interest in the specifics continues unabated. In  [Read More…]

LTE iPhone 5 Will Double iOS Data Consumption Says Analysts


When the iPhone originally launched in 2007, AT&T was shocked by how much data users consumed and it crippled their networks. Once 3G was added to the iPhone, data consumption predictably increased, but now that we’re on the cusps of seeing an LTE iPhone 5, one analyst firm is predicting the iPhone 5 will double data consumption.

Validas, ananalystsfirm in mobile intelligence, has been tracking mobile usage data of  [Read More…]