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Save 86% on the Mac app that analyzes and optimizes your Wi-Fi [Deals]

For many of us, when our Wi-Fi connection drops out it’s time to freak out. Whether you work from home or in a sprawling office, common things like fluorescent bulbs, microwaves, even an inconveniently placed wall can disrupt an internet connection…

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Chipworks Analyzes A5X and New iPad Components Under Infrared Microscope

Photo courtesy of Chipworks Yesterday iFixit tore down the iPad 3 revealing the new iPad�s A5X processor. Today, Chipworks went a step further by analyzing a number of the components in the new iPad under an infrared microscope.

The comprehensive analysis of everything inside the new iPad revealed the A5X is built around Samsung�s 45nm low power architecture CMOS production process. The same architecture is utilized in the A5, and A4 processors found in older Apple  [Read More…]