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How to Hide Chrome Suggested Articles on iPad, iPhone, Android

Chrome for iOS and Android defaults to showing an “Articles For You” suggested article section when opening a new Chrome tab or window with Google search. If you don’t want to see the Chrome suggested articles on iPad, iPhone, or Android, you can disable the Articles For You feature. How to Remove Chrome Suggested Articles … Read More

How to Download a Single Song from Spotify on iPhone, iPad, Android

Spotify users may be wondering how to download a single song from Spotify. Maybe you just want to download a single song off a particular album, or perhaps you want to download an individual song from a playlist, or just download one song from anywhere else on Spotify. Even if you have Spotify premium, you … Read More

How to Change Spotify Music Quality for Streaming on iPhone, iPad, Android

Spotify defaults to automatically adjusting music quality when streaming songs. That default music quality setting is recommended for most Spotify users, but some audiophiles may like to manually adjust the streaming music quality in Spotify to be either lower or higher as desired. As you’ll see it’s fairly easy to make changes to Spotify music … Read More

How to Disable Spotify Playing Videos to Music on iPhone, iPad, Android

Wondering how to stop Spotify from playing music videos automatically? You’re probably not alone. Fortunately it’s easy to turn the visual loop and music video feature off with Spotify on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The latest versions of Spotify on iPhone, iPad, and Android default to automatically playing short clips of music videos with many … Read More

How to Use AirPods with Android

If you have AirPods and an Android device, you might be interested in knowing that you can use AirPods with Android phones and tablets too. Connecting AirPods to an Android device is pretty straight forward (thought not as seamlessly simple as the iOS setup) and once the two are connected and paired you’ll be able … Read More

April Fools: The Broken Screen Wallpaper Prank for iPhone, iPad, Android

It’s April Fools day, which means the internet is basically full of baloney and nothing ca can be trusted or taken seriously. But rather than feed you a lump of imaginary doo-doo, we typically like to share general Apple pranks for April Fools Day around here. This year we’ve got a silly prank that works … Read More

How to Get iMessage on Android with WeMessage

If you’re an Android user and you wish you had iMessage on your device, you’ll be happy to hear about there is a solution that effectively brings iMessage onto an Android device. It’s called WeMessage, and it’s a third party effort that uses an interesting workaround to gain iMessage on Android devices. But there is … Read More

Meizu Pro 6 is latest Android to swipe iPhone’s 3D Touch

Samsung didn’t adopt the iPhone’s pressure-sensitive display for its latest Galaxies as some reports promised it would, but other Android makers are already using it. The latest is Meizu, which today unveiling its incredibly attractive Pro 6 smartphone with “3D Press” technology, plus a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display, a ten-core Helio X25 chipset, and a […]

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Should Android makers really be worried about iPhone SE? [Friday Night Fights]

The iPhone SE is finally starting to sell out after making its official debut last week, greeted by glowing reviews from fans and critics. It’s the best 4-inch phone money can buy, but is it enough to win over the millions of consumers buying affordable Androids? It certainly has the looks, and with the same internals […]

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Google could tap Apple’s hot programming language for Android

Although Apple’s Swift language might be open source now, the last place you’d expect to see it is on Android. But according to some sources, Google is considering making Swift a “first class” language for the iPhone’s biggest rival. Swift has been widely praised since Apple introduced it in June 2014. It was voted the […]

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