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This app makes Android Wear look like the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn’t work with Android smartphones, and probably never will. That means if you’re an Android fan who loves the Apple Watch’s Bubble UI, you’ve got two choices: get an iPhone, or install this new launcher that will turn your Android smartwatch into a virtual clone of the Apple Watch’s launch screen. It’s […]

Video reminds us of how far iOS and Android have come

We’ve spent thousands of man-hours over the years debating whether Android is better than iOS, or vice versa. A new video series by YouTube video producers ColdfusTion explores that same premise, by talking through the history of both platforms and how they’ve evolved over the years. Whether you’re new to the world of mobile, or […]

App developers are fighting what seems like a losing battle against software pirates, but some of them are finding new ways to deter users from downloading their latest titles illegally. Noodlecake, the publisher behind games like Super Stickman Golf and Mikey Shorts, has created the ultimate troll for those who choose not to pay for its newest game: a pirate version that’s impossible […]

iPhone users are 50% dirtier than Android owners

iPhone owners are 50 percent dirtier than Android users, according to a new study commissioned by the U.K.-based online retailer Brighthouse. Brighthouse tested 170 items as part of its study, including game controllers, remote controls, laptop computers and 38 different phones — with 24 being iPhones and 14 being unspecified Android devices. A “hygiene score” […]

Apple Metal, introduced at last year’s WWDC, gives developers low-level access to the GPU to maximize the graphics and performance potential of their games. Now Android gamers are going to get a taste of that, too. No, Apple isn’t bringing Metal to Android — but Google is adopting an alternative called Vulkan. Created by the developers of the OpenGL […]

After the discovery of several dangerous flaws in a few short weeks, Android’s security — or lack thereof — has been big news. Google has acted quickly to eliminate the Stagefright flaw that left 95% of Android devices vulnerable to attack, but others have since wormed their way out of the woodwork. Now fans are asking how these […]

Google will finally launch Android Pay, its brand new mobile payments service, alongside a refreshed Nexus 5 from LG in October, a new report claims. The Apple Pay competitor will take advantage of Android M’s native support for fingerprint scanners. “LG Electronics is partnering with Google in launching Android Pay, a simple payment service associated with the Android […]

Loyal iPhone fans will argue iOS is much better than Android, but many have never even used Google’s platform. That’s proven in the hilarious video below, in which Apple fanboys are fooled into thinking Lollipop running on an iPhone is the iOS 9 update that’s coming this fall. The guys behind YouTube channel Dit Is […]

Nintendo has been incredibly slow to embrace mobile. The gaming company announced that it will finally release a game on iOS — even though it probably won’t be as good as you were expecting — but this Nintendo Wii M concept has me wishing they’d just get serious about mobile and make their own smartphone. […]

Big Android Wear update to bring Apple Watch features

Google is planning another big Android Wear update that will deliver a number of new features Apple Watch users are already enjoying, according to a new report. Among them are interactive watch faces and the ability to send doodles and… Read more ›