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Archos Announces New Selection Of Smartwatches For Android And iOS

Smartwatches today are a little bit like PDAs in the early 1990s: that technology that everyone seems sure is the future, but which no one has really got right yet. Well, add Archos’ name to the list of companies willing… Read more ›     

Android In the Car Gets Real At CES – Reports

Google and Audi plan to announce at CES January 7 a partnership to build in-car dashboard systems based on Android, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal. (Android would likely replace Audi’s own, in-house platform called MMI, which already uses Google Maps and Google Earth data. ) Here are the other ways Google […]        [Read More…]

In 2013, Share Of U.S. Mac & iPad Sales Go Down, Chromebook & Android Sales Go Up

There’s good news and bad news for Apple. The good news is that the Cupertino-based company sells more tablets in America than anyone. The bad news is that Apple is selling less iPads proportionate to the total share of tablet sales than a year ago… and Mac sales are also going down. This data comes […]        [Read More…]

This Infographic Shows How Android Phones Get Updated

Ever wonder why it takes most Android phones ages to get the latest version of the OS? Well, a recent infographic from HTC sheds some light on the anatomy of an Android update — detailing all the steps involved from the pre-announcement PDF through the finished version arriving on your phone. Seeing that there are […]        [Read More…]

BlackBerry Shows Off BBM Channels & Free Voice Calling For Android & iOS [Video]

BBM has been a huge success on Android and iOS, and so although they may be rival platforms, that won’t stop BlackBerry from porting over its biggest and best BBM features to keep its messaging service alive. In 2014, the… Read more ›     

Google Scrapped Android & Started Again The Day After Apple Unveiled iPhone

No matter how you feel about Apple and the iPhone, it’s impossible to deny that the device completely revolutionized the mobile industry when it was launched in 2007. Without it, the smartphones of today may have been completely different. Take… Read more ›     

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Remastered Available Now On Android & iOS

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was undoubtedly a reason to buy a Sega Genesis back in 1992, but if you thought it was decent then, you should check it out the new remastered version for Android and iOS. The title has been… Read more ›     

Spotify Brings Free Streaming To Android & iOS With New ‘Shuffle’ Feature

As expected, Spotify has today announced a new music streaming service for Android and iOS that won’t cost you a penny to enjoy. It’s not traditional Spotify streaming as you know it, though; the new “Shuffle” feature lets you pick… Read more ›     

This Dongle Lets You Instantly Transfer Files Between Android And iPhone

  Here’s something you don’t see often: It’s an Android phone sporting a 30-pin connector. Blasphemy! Heretical! Nonsense. PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive, which allows fast transfer of files between Android and iOS, is here to promote peace and understanding between all —… Read more ›     

iBeacon Comes To Android, Kind Of

Initial responses to Apple’s iBeacon technology have been decidedly mixed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. After all, exactly the same was true of the iPod, iPhone and iPad in certain quarters upon their release. Regardless, with Apple keen to… Read more ›