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Apple Growth ‘Slow and Steady’ Amid Android Rabbit-Like Bravado

ComScore Data

Sometimes, in the race between Apple and Android we lose sight of the larger picture. Such is the case when tech media reported the Google-created mobile software leading iOS 46.9 percent versus 28.7 percent. In fact, a year-long review paints an entirely different scene � one that proves the old tale of the tortoise and the hare.

Thursday, ComScore released three-month figures showing Android held almost 47 percent of  [Read More…]

“Official” Siri App Lands In The Android Market

Good news if you�re an Android user: an �official� Siri app is now available to download from the Android Market, claiming to be the �REAL Siri for Android.� Of course, it�s not official and it�s not real � it�s a shameless rip-off from a developer called �Viewide,� complete with Apple�s own icons.

Despite claiming to the REAL Siri, Electronista�notes that �the differing results on the weather widget suggest it�s not actually  [Read More…]

Apple To Possibly Collect $10 For Every Android Device Sold

According to Kevin Rivette, a managing partner at intellectual property firm 3LP Advisors LLC, Apple can possibly collect up to $10 in royalties for every Android device sold, a number which is twice the $5 per unit Microsoft is believed to be collecting for each HTC Android device sold. Rivette made the statement in an interview with�Bloomberg�recently where he shared his expert opinion.

Jobs previously indicated before he passed away that he had no interest in  [Read More…]

Flurry Analytics Reports New Android And iOS Device Activations Up 353% On Christmas Day

Christmas day has historically been a record shattering day in terms of new device activations and app downloads. This Christmas was no different according to these recent stats published by Flurry Analytics. Using a baseline average taken from the first 20 days of December, Flurry showed that new Android and iOS device activations rose 353% on Christmas day. While averaging around 1.5 million activations during the month of December, activations jumped to  [Read More…]

Android At CES: What We Can Expect And What We’d Like To See

With CES only a few weeks away, we�re preparing ourselves for what is surely going to be an Android extravaganza. With Android activations surpassing 700,000 devices per day, it would be unwise for any company to ignore its strong market presence. This leads us to believe CES 2012 will be chock full of Android goodness. We�re going to dive into a few products and announcements we expect to see this year, along  [Read More…]

App Store Generating 4 Times More Cash Than Android Marketplace, Much Of It From China

Remember the recent story about the App Store being worth more than all of RIM? Here�s another astounding factoid: Just the top 200 most-grossing App Store entries generate four times the revenue than everything offered by the Android Marketplace. A new report also pegs China as a major App Store user, accounting for 30 percent of overall downloads and nearly half of iPad apps.


According to researcher Distimo, after Apple  [Read More…]

RIM Delays BlackBerry 10 Again: ‘Not In The Same League’ As iOS Or Android

Photo by Ninja M. – http://flic.kr/p/6TrRGS

If BlackBerry maker Research in Motion were going to dinner, it would arrive five hours late, finding Apple and Google had already eaten, told the best jokes and gone home with all the good-looking women. That�s the image analysts are offering in the wake of RIM announcing yet another delay entering the smartphone market.

Earlier this week, Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM said devices using the BlackBerry  [Read More…]

Google Has Its Own Siri Alternative For Android Coming In 2012 [Report]

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Apple�s new Siri assistant has really revolutionized the way in which we interact with mobile devices using our voice. It�s no wonder, then, that rivals are scrambling to introduce their own alternatives. Google already has one for Android, according to some reports, called Majel, and it�ll debut during the first quarter of 2012.

Google�s engineers are said to be working �around the clock� on�Majel ��named after�Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the  [Read More…]

iOS Apps Are 300% More Profitable Than Android Equivalents

iOS is a more profitable platform than Android is.

Remember when Angry Birds first came out on iOS? Everyone with an Android phone wanted it and they had to wait a while. In that time, iOS had a really long and easy head start to sell some copies before Android even got it. That is the case an numerous applications, but that’s not the only reason that iOS is more profitable.

iOS is a great development  [Read More…]

Nokia: Youth Tired Of iPhone And Confused By Android Turn To Windows [Laughable]

Nokia Lumia 800 (nokia_fan – http://flic.kr/p/aEUKqu)

Kids, are you tired of the iPhone and just plain confused by Android? The answer lies in Windows, according to Nokia. If you can stop shaking with laughter long enough, the has-been mobile phone maker is reinventing itself as the hip, with-it and oh so new alternative to Apple�s boring smartphone.

Nokia, which recently adopted the Windows Phone platform, said in an interview �youth are pretty  [Read More…]