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Nintendo crushes hopes for an Android-powered NX console

Nintendo has denied claims that its upcoming NX console will run Android. An earlier report out of Japan, citing sources familiar with Nintendo’s plans, promised that the NX would employ Android software in an effort to attract new users and developers. But unfortunately…Read more ›

Razer streams PC games to your TV with Android-powered Forge TV

Forget the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One — wouldn’t you rather play your PC games in your living room? Razer’s new Android-powered Forge TV allows you to do just that, thanks to a new technology called Cortex: Stream, which…Read more ›

Meet The Android-Powered ‘Blackphone’ Designed To Stop The Spies

Having your phone calls listened to and your text messages read remotely is a genuine concern for many smartphone owners now that we’ve gotten an insight into the activities of the NSA spies. We’ve quickly learned that our seemingly secure…Read more ›    [Read More…]

DreamWorks To Launch Android-Powered ‘DreamTab’ Tablet For Kids This Spring

DreamWorks, the animation studio behind movies like Madagascar and Shrek, is preparing to launch its own Android-powered “DreamTab” tablet. The 8-inch device will be aimed at kids, The New York Times reports, and it’ll cost under $ 300 when it launches this spring. DreamWorks has partnered with…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Official BBC Sport App Now Supports iPad & Android-Powered Tablets

The BBC has updated its official BBC Sport app, introducing support for the iPad and Android-powered tablets. The new release also makes usability and stability improvements, and allows those on Android to listen to live radio — including Premier League…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Android-Powered iPad Mini Clone That Costs $177

Here’s a riddle to start Thanksgiving in style: what looks like an iPad mini, costs only $ 177, ships anywhere in the world, and runs… Android? It’s none other than the Chuwi V88, and it’s a Chinese tablet designed to appeal…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Google Has An Android-Powered Smartwatch Up Its Sleeve [Rumor]


The Google Glass project has been in the news a fair bit in recent months, but it seems Google may have another wearable gadget in development that’s been flying under the radar. The Financial Times reports that just like Apple and Samsung, the search giant is working on its own smartwatch that will act as an extension to the smartphone.

Unlike Google Glass, which is being developed by Google’s X Lab — the  [Read More…]

Brazilian Company Wins Battle To Sell Android-Powered “iPhones”


Apple is no longer the exclusive rights holder to the iPhone trademark in Brazil when applied to handset devices. That means that IGB Electronics S.A. and Apple can both sell “iPhones” in the county, even though IGB’s iPhone is, in fact, an Android phone.

If you flash back a few months, you might remember IGB Electronics announcing in December that they were planning an entire line of Android devices, starting  [Read More…]