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Andy Warhol’s classic Macintosh ad can be yours for $600,000

Old Apple computers are no stranger to Sotheby’s, but next week a different piece of Apple history is hitting the auction block, only this high-priced collectors item was created by Andy Warhol instead of Steve Jobs. Warhol’s acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas painting of the classic Apple logo is going up for auction and […]

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Andy Hertzfeld: Steve Jobs movie is ‘almost nothing’ like reality

Next to Steve Jobs, Andy Hertzfeld is the name I most associate with the original Macintosh project. For that reason, Hertzfeld is one of the characters portrayed in the new Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs movie — as well as someone who got to see an early unfinished cut of the film. His take on it? That […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Fact vs Fiction: Steve Wozniak, Dan Kottke and Andy Hertzfeld Discuss the Film “Jobs”

John Wants AnswersThe big screen biopic Jobs opened this summer to mixed reviews, primarily over the film’s lack of accuracy in depicting events from Steve Jobs life and Apple’s history. A lot of Apple old-timers have commented on the accuracy of the movie, but it took a Mountain View, CA local-access TV show called John Wants Answers to get Steve Wozniak, […]

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Former Android Chief Andy Rubin Still Has His Apple Business Card From The 90s [Image]


Did you know that Google’s former head of Android worked at Apple for a few years in the early 90s? Andy Rubin was a manufacturing engineer at Apple from 1989-1992. He still has his old business card, and it looks awesome with the retro Apple logo and unofficial title, “Bad Example.”

Since he moved away from Android to work on other stuff at Google, Rubin has been posting a lot more  [Read More…]

Google SVP Andy Rubin Is Leaving The Android Team To Pursue ‘Moonshot’ Projects At Google


Google CEO, Larry Page, just announced that the godfather or Android, Andy Rubin, has decided to step away from Android and pursue other projects.

Rubin was a co-founder of Android Inc., which was eventually purchased by Google in 2005. As the Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google, Rubin has been responsible for turning Android into the most widely used mobile operating systems today.

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Famed Apple Columnist Andy Ihnatko Abandons Ship For Android


If you’re an Apple fanboy that reads a lot of tech websites, you may have come across the name Andy Ihnatko before. Andy’s been a hardcore Apple fanboy for years. He’s got a column at the Chicago Sun Times and Macworld, and he’s on a popular Apple podcast almost weekly.

Sadly, Andy’s decided that his love for the iPhone 4S has died. He’s switched to Android. The two of them are  [Read More…]

Another Unaired Macintosh Commercial from 1983 Featuring Andy Hertzfeld [Video]

Andy Hertzfeld of Apple, early Macintosh days

Another piece of early Apple history has been uncovered in a newly found unaired commercial for the original Macintosh computer. Filmed in 1983, the video features original Macintosh software designer Andy Hertzfeld discussing what he expects of the Macintosh, saying:

“I expect to be totally amazed at what people are going to do with Macintosh. Every person, unique individual, brings something to the machine, just  [Read More…]

Windows Phone Is The Answer To iOS Monotony and Android’s Chaos – Andy Lees

The President of Microsofts Windows Phone division, Andy Lees, truly believes that Microsofts new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, is the answer to the problems that Android and iOS are facing. Microsoft seems to be coming out on top where Apple and Google are failing according to Lees. He feels that Apple doesnt offer options, leaving Apple being too monotonous. When it comes to all the areas where Apple has had success, he  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs And Andy Rubin On Smartphone Privacy [Video]

AllThingsD Write a big quotes about Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin on how their devices deal with private data, See the video after the break.