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Angry Birds Go! gets long-awaited multiplayer mode

It may be painfully average as a kart game, but the uber popular Angry Birds Go! iOS racer has just upped the ante by finally adding a much-requested multiplayer mode. Letting you race against other players from around the world… Read more ›

If you haven’t gotten enough of disgruntled avians from Rovio’s hit series Angry Birds, what with last week’s Angry Birds Epic or the well-received Angry Birds Star Wars mobile games, then this news is for you. Rovio has teamed up… Read more ›

Angry Birds Epic RPG flies into the App Store

Rovio has officially launched its latest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Epic, for iOS devices worldwide. Unlike previous Angry Birds sequels which have flapped their wings since the original game flew into the App Store back in 2009, Angry Birds Epic takes… Read more ›

Why you can’t get Angry Birds cartoons on your iPad

Answer: because the new standalone ToonsTV iOS app, for iPhone and iPad, is only available in Finland. If you happen to have a Finnish iTunes account, though, you can now download your very own standalone iOS app to watch Rovio’s… Read more ›

Dear Rovio, don’t make this Angry Birds movie

Angry Birds is coming to a big screen near you. Rovio Entertainment is taking the epic battle of birds-versus-pigs from your iPhone to the cinema, in 3-D, and launching it into the wide, wide world in July 2016. We’re aflutter… Read more ›

The hit bird slinging game Angry Birds has found its way on devices everywhere. While the Angry Birds series has brought developing company Rovio so much popularity, their branch company Rovio Stars aims to share the spotlight. The newest application… Read more ›     

Angry Birds Go! Adds New Snowy Track Plus Extra Karts

Three months after its launch, kart racing game Angry Birds Go! has received its first major update. The update ushers in a change in weather by adding a snowy theme, which sees a brand new track covered in slippery ice.… Read more ›     

  The LA Unified School District made headlines when it pledged to make it rain iPads on students by spending $ 1 billion on Apple’s tablets, but teachers are more concerned of the rain leaking through their classroom roofs. The school… Read more ›     

Rovio Entertainment has soft-launched its latest Angry Birds title. Named Angry Birds Epic, the turn-based RPG (yes, really!) is available for iPhone and iPad in the New Zealand, Australian and Canadian App Stores now. Initial impressions are positive, although there… Read more ›     

Ever since the first Angry Bird flapped its wings back in 2009, Rovio has been only too happy to churn out sequel after sequel with slight variations on flinging birds with slingshots, but for its next act the video game… Read more ›