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How to Set an Animated GIF as Screen Saver on Mac OS

Have you ever wished you could have an animated GIF as the screen saver on a Mac? Well there’s no reason to wish, because an animated GIF screen saver can be a Mac reality, with no rubbing of genie bottles needed. Using an animated GIF as a screen saver is a bit goofy and probably … Read More

How to Send Live Photos as Animated GIF from iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad has a little-known capability to convert looping or bouncing Live Photos to animated GIFs natively by sending them through selected sharing methods. This approach to share a Live Photo as a GIF is great because it basically requires zero effort at all, and it’s certainly easier and faster than using an … Read More

Use an Animated GIF as Wallpaper in Mac OS X with GIFPaper

Have you ever wished the wallpaper on your Mac was animated? One common trick to achieve that effect is to set a screen saver as the desktop wallpaper in Mac OS X, which looks great but can wind up using a fair amount of processor to display the animations, but now another option is available; … Read More

Make Animated GIFs from Movies in Mac OS X with Drag & Drop Ease

Creating animated GIFs out of a movie file or or video usually requires a bit of effort, but now you can convert a movie into an animated GIF on a Mac with drag and drop simplicity, thanks to the aptly named Drop to GIF. Drop to GIF is a free app for Mac OS X … Read More

This cute, colorful cartoon was animated entirely in Keynote

I’ll be honest: I doubt I know how to use Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, even to put together a few simple slides. But Linda Dong is such a Keynote master, she can put together whole animated movies using the iWork app! It’s not a hugely sophisticated animation, true, but it’s bouncy, colorful, fun, and utterly […]

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Animated game AZZL will bust your brain out of the real world

This post is brought to you by Jutiful, maker of AZZL and other smart games. Much as candy makers know what taste buds they’re appealing to, game makers have learned what makes people respond. Similarly, the “animation puzzles” in AZZL make it feel like a game that’s also a confection: sweet and a little addicting. […]

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Watch Tim Cook take on Yoda in this ridiculous animated news video

It’s time to throw away your old smartphone and get ready for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that Apple is expected to announce tomorrow. To celebrate Apple’s new gadget, the crazy folks at TomoNews have created a new animated video that shows all of the new features coming to the iPhone 6s, but […]

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Apple Watch can harness Force Touch to change the color of animated emoji

In her latest blog on Apple’s website, supermodel and Apple Watch spokesperson Christy Turlington has revealed a few more interesting tidbits about the Apple wearable that I didn’t previously know — such as the fact that you can use the…Read more ›