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This post is brought to you by Jutiful, maker of AZZL and other smart games. Much as candy makers know what taste buds they’re appealing to, game makers have learned what makes people respond. Similarly, the “animation puzzles†in AZZL make it feel like a game that’s also a confection: sweet and a little addicting. […]

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It’s time to throw away your old smartphone and get ready for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that Apple is expected to announce tomorrow. To celebrate Apple’s new gadget, the crazy folks at TomoNews have created a new animated video that shows all of the new features coming to the iPhone 6s, but […]

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In her latest blog on Apple’s website, supermodel and Apple Watch spokesperson Christy Turlington has revealed a few more interesting tidbits about the Apple wearable that I didn’t previously know — such as the fact that you can use the… Read more ›

How to Make Animated GIFs on iPhone Easily with GifMill

Animated GIFs are little moving images and they can be a lot of fun, particularly since they can be sent and received playing through iMessages to other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. While the iOS Camera is packed with plenty of features and can take pictures or video, it’s lacking an ability to create animated … Read More

Considering their nearly ubiquitous status in retail cuture, it’s easy to forget that the Apple Store is a relatively new creation. Although Apple brought in over $ 7 billion in revenue last quarter across 400 physical locations, the first one was… Read more ›     

PicGIF, An Ultra-Simple Animated GIF-Maker For Mac

Just the other day I asked my Twitter followers to recommend me a good app for making animated GIFs out of my photos. The response was stunning in its silence – not a single reply. But I don’t care. I… Read more ›     

Animated GIF Shows New iOS7-Ready App Store Icons

ios7-6-ikonyIf you’ve been running the iOS7 beta, or have seen it up close, then you’ll be familiar with the ugly icon problem, in which some icons have janky edges thanks to a change of the corner radius in iOS 7. You can see the changes in this animated GIF from Czech site Letem SvÄ›tem Applem […]

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Record the Screen as an Animated GIF in Mac OS X

Recorded screen capture exported as animated GIF in Mac OS X LICEcap is a screen recording app that captures a portion of the Mac OS X (or Windows) desktop and saves it directly as an animated GIF. Incredibly simple to use, the apps functionality should be familiar enough to anyone who has used screen recording with QuickTime before, except that rather than a movie being exported, you wind up with a GIF.

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Send & Receive Animated GIFs in Messages on iPhone

Dancing Banana animated GIF A fun little-known feature of Messages for iOS is that it supports animated gifs, meaning you can send and receive those quirky moving web graphics that were so popular in 1996 and are currently enjoying a resurgence on the web. The only requirement for this feature to work is that both you and the recipient have iMessage configured on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, beyond that it  [Read More…]