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How to annoy your Facebook friends with GIFs

Facebook and GIFs seem like they’ve both been fixtures of the Internet forever, but it has taken until 2015 for the two to finally hookup. Starting today, Facebook users can annoy friends with the most amazing GIFs the web has…

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Facebook Figures Out A New Way To Annoy: Autoplaying Videos (And Video Ads)

4Get ready for a whole new way for Facebook to make navigating through your feed on your iPhone hell! Facebook is preparing to launch auto-playing videos in your News Feed… and, yup, they’ll eventually be available to advertisers. The approach Facebook wants to take here is very Vine or Instagram-like. Essentially, videos will autoplay as […]

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New Apple Genius Ads May Annoy Us, But Are Indicative Of New Target Demographic

This image needs no caption.

It’s fairly easy as a longtime Apple fan to dismiss the recently aired “Genius” ads as nothing more than a misstep in a rather stellar marketing history by the, well, geniuses in Cupertino. However, a new study by Brandindex Buzz shows a shift in the demographic trends for the Apple brand, which may go to explain the goofy ads as more specifically targeted advertising.

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[Review] Does the Dark Spotlight Screen and Charging Screen Just Annoy You?

Never again will you need to look at a dark overlay on your iDevice!Developer DjKira has released a jailbreak tweak into Cydia which allows you to set the Wallpaper’s alpha to the minimum value no matter where you are on your SpringBoard. The jailbreak tweak is known as WAlpha and from the screenshots above, you can already see what I am talking about.

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This Digital Toolbox Lets You Fix All The Little Things In OS X Lion That Annoy You

Lion�s the best operating system that Apple has ever released, but that�s not to say it doesn�t have its sticking points� the little tweaks and changes to default OS X behavior that really sticks in some people�s craw.

There�s ways to fix these little irritants, of course, but most of them involve delving into Terminal and deploying write commands. There�s got to be an easier way, right?

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