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iPhone 7’s redesigned antenna band revealed in leaked photo

The iPhone’s prominent (and, dare we say it, somewhat ugly)  antenna bands have been a staple of Apple’s handsets for a few years now. However, a new photo — allegedly leaked by Apple device maker Foxconn — shows off Cupertino’s more minimal approach with the upcoming iPhone 7. What do you think? As per iPhone tradition, the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iPhone 7 may bid farewell to ugly antenna lines

The iPhone 7, set to arrive this September, is likely to ditch the ugly antenna bands which have hung around since 2014’s iPhone 6 — according to a new leaked image which has appeared online. Check it out below: If Apple does get rid of its antenna bands, this could relate to a patent Apple filed earlier […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple’s new material will eliminate iPhone’s unsightly antenna lines

Apple’s been using antenna lines in its smartphones ever since the days of the iPhone 4 and antenna-gate, but a new patent filed by the company could soon make those unsightly lines disappear for good. In a new patent filed…Read more ›

Grey hull of the iPhone 6 shows off striking new antenna design

When you start to see assembled iPhone 6 devices basically powered on, you know it’s getting late in the rumor mill cycle. Basically every part imaginable for Apple’s forthcoming smartphone has leaked ahead of its September 9th unveiling. Now hi-quality…Read more ›

These iPhone 6 mockups imagine the handset without ugly antenna gaps

As excited as a lot of people are about the forthcoming iPhone 6, one of the big sticking points has been the presence of ugly antenna breaks on the back of most of the models we’ve seen so far. In…Read more ›

Latest iPhone 6 renderings show rear antenna cutouts

Take this with a pinch of iSalt, perhaps, but a new set of alleged iPhone 6 renderings have surfaced online. Hailing from the Ukrainian website UkrainianiPhone, they confirm a lot of what we’re already expecting — including the relocated sleep/wake button (moved…Read more ›

Analyst: The iPhone 4S Will Be An iPod Touch With A Cellular Antenna, And It Will Be Huge

Here’s another possible design for the next iPhone

Apple may unveil early next month an inexpensive iPhone that could drastically expand the tech giants smartphone market along with providing a huge 50 percent margin. The iPhone 4s, described as an iPod touch with a cellular antenna, could sell for $ 300, yet cost just $ 150 to build, claims one Wall Street analyst Monday. Although Apple hasnt commented on its  [Read More…]

Is This The Stainless Steel Antenna Band for the iPhone 4S?

It seems that parts for at least one of Apples upcoming iPhones are surfacing every day. Todays component is the stainless steel band that surrounds the new device, which is distinctly different than those currently built for the GSM and CDMA iPhone 4. According to a tipster for 9to5 Mac, who goes be the name of SulfoDK, the stainless steel antenna band that sits in the middle of the three above  [Read More…]

Leaked iPhone 4S Casing Reveals Redesigned Antenna & Home Button

Recent speculation suggests Apple is currently working on a cheaper model of its iPhone 4 that is set to launch alongside the iPhone 5 in the coming months. Expected to be named the iPhone 4S, the new device could feature a redesigned antenna and home button, according to the latest leaked components. MacRumors has received more components from iPatchiPods;this time an iPhone 4-like stainless steel frame that sports a redesigned antenna.  [Read More…]

3G MacBook Pro Prototype Had Magnetic MagSafe Antenna

That awesome MacBook Pro prototype with built-in 3G that we reported on yesterday was removed from eBay at the request of Apple last night, after bidding reached a whopping $ 70,000. However, its seller has been posting further details of the device on the MacRumors forums, revealing its magnetic MagSafe-like antenna setup. Everyone wants to know more about this MacBook Pro prototype, so since joining the MacRumors forums, evilroot has been  [Read More…]