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iOS 8 “Update Cannot be Installed Because it Requires GB of Storage”? Here’s How To Install It Anyway

Excited to install iOS 8? Of course you are! But many of those who are trying to install the iOS 8 update have discovered they’re unable to do so because there’s not enough freely available storage on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Oh brother. Just how much space is required to install iOS 8? … Read More

Not a developer? Install iOS 8 right now anyway

Apple is finally going to open OS X Yosemite betas to the public, but when it comes to iOS 8, Apple fanboys desperate for a sneak peek at Cupertino’s upcoming software have been left out in the cold. Luckily, if you’re…Read more ›

5 Free Games You Should Pay For, Anyway

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How Big Are Cellphone Camera Sensors Anyway (And Other Interesting Facts)

TS520x0~cms_posts-1313669123-sensor_resolutions_newWhatever it is you want to know about cellphone camera sensors, you’ll probably find it in DP Review’s absurdly in-depth article on the subject. It details not only the common misconceptions about megapixels, but also many real world differences. And it contains the diagram shown at the top of this post, showing the size differences […]

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Local Apple Retail Store Out Of Stock On iPad Mini LTE? Here’s How To Order One Anyway

So, I sold my iPad mini WiFi today, in hopes I could head to my local Apple retail store and pick one up. My friend was headed down to the store to pick hers up, so I figured there were plenty in stock. Just to be safe, I gave them a call to check on the availability of the 16G model LTE that I wanted to purchase.

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What Does That Emoji Icon Mean Anyway?

What does an emoji character mean

If you’re new to Emoji, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing just what some of these icons and characters are supposed to mean. Many are common sense, while others are a bit of a mystery, but there’s an easy way to find out what a specific Emoji character means just by looking at the icon in the Special Character selector of OS X.

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Your iPhone 5 Pre-Order Says Preparing for Shipment? Heres How to Track It Anyway

iPhone 5 preparing for shipment

If your iPhone 5 pre-ordered through Apple still says “Preparing for Shipment” and it’s making you anxious, worry not, it has probably already shipped but Apple’s Order Status page just hasn’t updated yet. In fact, you can start tracking the iPhone right now even though Apple’s order page doesn’t provide a tracking number yet, here’s how:

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Samsung Ignores Australian Injunction, Will Release Galaxy Tab Anyway

Samsung, in an effort to clear up reports the Australian Galaxy Tab was indefinitely delayed, issued a statement toAusdroid.netconfirming the tablet would be coming to Aussie Land. According to Samsung the agreement reached with Apple to prevent the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until the end of a U.S. based patent lawsuit between the two companies applies to a “variant” of the tablet Samsung has no intention of selling in Australia. I  [Read More…]