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Adobe’s new Lightroom 6 is the best Aperture alternative

Today Adobe released Lightroom 6, cementing the photo editor as the best alternative to Apple’s now-extinct Aperture. For Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, the new app is called Lightroom CC. While perhaps the biggest enhancement is related to speed and performance,…Read more ›

Apple confirms Aperture will die when Photos for Mac launches

For those of us who have long been suffering under the tyrrany of iPhoto, Photos for Mac represents a beautiful new frontier of speedy and powerful photo-editing on the Mac. But if you’re an Aperture lover, Photos for Mac represents…Read more ›

Adobe outlines how to switch to Lightroom once Apple kills Aperture

Now that Apple has ceased development of Aperture, it’s time to start looking for alternative photo management and editing solutions. The obvious choice is Lightroom, which Adobe has committed to continue work on heavily in the future. Adobe is working…Read more ›

Picture-perfect strategy: Why killing Aperture means Apple will rule the cloud

Ubiquitous cloud storage and editing solutions for your photos are like buses: You wait ages for one, and then two come along at once. Both Apple and Adobe are going all-in on allowing you to view and edit your photos…Read more ›

Apple kills development of Aperture and iPhoto for OS X

Apple gave developers an early preview of its upcoming Photos app this month at WWDC, but what it didn’t tell anyone is that new app for iOS will also overthrow Apple’s iPhoto and Aperture apps for OS X. A new…Read more ›

PhotoScope- Browse Your Entire iPhoto And Aperture Libraries From Your iPhone Or iPad

How about an app which lets you view your entire iPhoto or Aperture library on your iPad, without syncing, and without having either of the Mac apps running? That’s PhotoScope, a $ 5 universal app for iPad and iPhone which does…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Use Your Own iPhoto Or Aperture Images As Desktop Pictures In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

My son got a hold of the iPad

Desktop pictures, or wallpaper, are one way to make your Mac truly your own. Choosing from one of the beautifully rendered images that are provided along with OS X is one way to be sure to impress any passers-by, as well and give you something beautiful to look at as you go about your daily Mac business.

Now, however, Mountain Lion lets you  [Read More…]

Aperture Bug Means That You Can’t Strip Location Data From Individual Pics

Modern cameras include GPS data in photos, and software like iPhoto and Aperture uses this data to provide location info for features like Places. Not only are many people unaware that GPS data is included in the pics they’re taking, but uploading these pics online means that the world knows exactly when and where they were taken.

Apple’s professional photo Mac software, Aperture, is supposed to let you strip location data  [Read More…]

Aperture Presets Add Instagram Filters To Your Pictures

Aperture, meet Instagram.


Remember those neat Lightroom presets which would add Instagram filters to your big grown-up photos? Now the author Casey Mac is back with versions for Photoshop (snore) and Aperture (yay!).

All of Instagram’s filters, from the excellent X-Pro II to the more pedestrian Kelvin, and they all manage to get very close to the originals. I have Casey’s Lightroom set which I love, and the filters also make a  [Read More…]

Aperture and iPhoto Will Now Share Photo Libraries, Thanks To A Recent Update

The photo libraries in Aperture and iPhoto now mirror each other.

A recent update to both iPhoto and Aperture now allows both applications to share photo libraries for the first time. As noted by Apple, All your photos stay together. And you get the best of both applications.   Having a shared library is extremely useful for those who use both iPhoto and Aperture. No longer will you have to import  [Read More…]