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Apogee Turns The iPad into a Recording Monster with Updated One, Duet and Quartet



Apogee is the first name that pops into my head when I think “mobile, Mac-powered music-making studio.” Today, the company has revamped three of their user-friendly recording devices — the One, the Quartet and the Duet, upgrading their capabilities and making them all iPad-compatible.

The battery-powered One microphone has three input options — a built-in condenser mic, and XLR input and a 1/4-inch jack — and now has the ability to record simultaneously from  [Read More…]

JAM by Apogee Brings Studio Quality Guitar Input to iPad, iPhone and Mac

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GarageBand is being released next week and with it, a whole new way of recording audio on the iPad. The iPad 2 includes the same built-in microphone as the pervious version, but recording audio with it hasn?t always produced the best sounding results. If you really want to capture high quality audio, then you have to use another device in conjunction with an iPad to do so.  [Read More…]