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Apollo mission patches put stars in the eyes of a family

I had the kind of dad who brought his work home with him. That was OK since he was in the business of putting man on the moon. Each time there was a scheduled launch, my two brothers and I…Read more ›

Jony Ive was inspired by Apollo program to make a spacesuit

When you’ve designed some of the most successful consumer electronics in modern history, where else can you look but up? One of the many interesting tidbits in The New Yorker’s 17,000-word profile of Jony Ive surrounds his fascination with the…Read more ›

Apple’s Brand Is Worth More Than The Cost Of The Apollo Space Program

Apple’s brand value is more than the total cost of the Apollo Space Program in today’s dollars, according to a new report by brand consulting agency Brand Finance. Apple topped a list of 500 firms — including heavyweights like Walmart,…Read more ›    [Read More…]