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WakeMate Appcessory Will Help You Track & Analyze Your Sleep, But It Wonít Improve Your Mornings [Review]

Hauling my back end out of bed each morning is a horrible task, especially during the winter months. Even with the recommended eight hours sleep, I never wake up feeling refreshed. However, I was hoping all that was about to change, thanks to a little app-enhanced headband. The WakeMate ($ 60) is an accessory and app for your iOS device that has two main objectives: to help you track and  [Read More…]

Find Out How Much Sleep Youíve Lost Thinking About the New iPhones With This New Appcessory

Just like their older system, Zeoís new Sleep Manager†Mobile tracks your sleep patterns using a transmitter worn on the forehead while sleeping that relays your sleep state to a receiver. Only Zeoís new gadget transmits the data directly to the iPhone. The Sleep Manager tracks brainwaves through the headband and can tell whether youíre awake, sleeping lightly, heavily or in REM sleep; then the device sends the data in realtime  [Read More…]

This is Scoscheís New, Bizarrely Cool iPhone Fitness Appcessory

  Why bizarrely cool? Forget that itís an app-enhanced fitness gadget that sands data to your iPhone; sure, thatís neat, but there are a stack of devices out there doing the same thing. No, Scoscheís little myTREK fitness gadget is that nifty because it tracks bio data using a method straight out of the future ó it uses light beams. Using a pair of LEDs and a photo sensor, it  [Read More…]