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Apple Pay’s biggest competitor backed by major retailers has been hacked before it even launched. Retailers like Walmart, BestBuy, Gap, and CVS are waging a war against Apple Pay with their own mobile wallet solution, CurrentC, but the pending doom… Read more ›

Buoyed by expectation-defying earnings, Apple Pay, and an apparently insatiable demand for the iPhone 6, AAPL stock closed Wednesday at a new all-time split-adjusted high of $ 107.3. Apple was trading at $ 92 at the time of the 7-to-1 split, which means… Read more ›

When you live in Apple’s world as a third-party developer, you are required to play by Apple’s rules. And sometimes those rules are subject to sudden change. James Thomson, the developer behind the scientific calculator app PCalc, was notified today… Read more ›

Apple plans to drill for iPhone sales in Iran

With China, India and Korea all representing growing markets, Apple’s expanding into more countries than ever here in 2014. One place you’d be forgiven for not expecting Tim Cook and co. to show up in, however, is Iran. It seems… Read more ›

A patent published today shows that Apple is investigating new halogen free, flame-retardant materials for use in its devices. According to Apple, only about 12% of plastics currently contain flame retardants. An increased use of such materials would improve the safety… Read more ›

Apple TV adds FYI and Feeln to channel lineup

Apple added two new channels to the Apple TV today with FYI from the A&E network and Feeln being both being added to the line up. The FYI channel (formerly known as The Biography Channel) brings a mix of lifestyle… Read more ›

Cheaper iPhones? Don’t bet on it, says Apple exec

Particularly as Apple extends its tentacles overseas into new markets like China and India, many pundits have suggested that Cupertino needs to make low-cost iPhones to compete with lower-end Android devices. So will it? According to Apple’s product marketing executive… Read more ›

Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone

Apple Pay is a contactless payment platform that is newly available to iPhone 6 users. It works well and is incredibly simple; once you’ve added a card to Apple Pay, you just need to wave your iPhone over an Apple Pay compatible NFC payment terminal to pay for whatever you’re buying. The iPhones built-in TouchID … Read More

Apple’s mission to replace your wallet with Apple Pay began just last week with support from over 200,000 stores in the U.S., but merchants have already launched a war against the new payments platform that’s trying to make shopping easier for customers.… Read more ›

Wells Fargo will pay you to try Apple Pay

Banks and credit card companies have been heavily pushing Apple Pay already, but perhaps the biggest gesture of support so far is from Wells Fargo. In a promotion announced today, Wells Fargo said that it will pay customers up to $ 20… Read more ›