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Detroit museum displaying an original Apple-1 this month only

If you’ve ever wanted to lay your eyes on an original ultra-rare Apple-1 computer — and don’t happen to have a spare six-figures of disposable income lying around — now’s your chance. That’s because Detroit’s Henry Ford Museum is showing off one of a handful of fully-operation Apple-1 mainboards as a celebration of how far computing (and […]

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Bay Area woman accidentally junks $200k Apple-1 computer

Have you ever thrown away something you regretted later on? If so, you have something in common with the Bay Area woman who recently junked a vintage Apple-1 computer — one of around just 200 surviving machines created by Steve Jobs and the Woz way…Read more ›

Buy it now? Rare original Apple-1 shows up on eBay

If you think an Apple Watch Edition is rare, you should try getting your hands on an Apple-1, of which only 63 are known to still exist. Thankfully you now can, provided you can cough up the necessary cash, that…Read more ›

Working Apple-1 goes (kind of) cheap at auction

A working Apple-1 computer has sold at a Christie’s auction for $ 365,000: more than 600x the $ 600 that was paid for it back in July 1976, when it was bought from Steve Jobs. While the figure is certainly sizeable, however,…Read more ›

Another Apple-1 expected to make big bucks at auction

Just weeks after a rare Apple-1 computer sold for record numbers at auction, another operational unit of Apple’s first ever computer is set to go under the gavel. Christie’s is expecting the machine to fetch more than $ 500,000 at auction…Read more ›

Museum pays record-breaking $905,000 for Apple-1

An ultra-rare working 1976 Apple-1 computer — thought to be one of the first 50 ever produced — has sold at auction for an incredible $ 750,000, around twice the expected asking price. The computer was part of Bonhams History of…Read more ›

Vintage Apple-1 Boots up Again After 35 years

Click the image to open in full size. Some of you may recall the Apple-1 that sold at Christie’s auction house for an astounding $ 211,535. Well, it didn’t end up as a museum piece as many thought it would. No, instead it turned up at a presentation that was held at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy recently. What’s really amazing is the fact that they got it up and running with  [Read More…]