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Apple boosts price of AppleCare+, slashes iCloud storage fees

Adding AppleCare+ coverage to your iPhone 6s is going to cost you a little more extra this year. Apple didn’t announce any pricing changes on stage at yesterday’s event, but the company did update its website to reflect the higher prices, and not only will iPhone 6s owners have to pay more to buy AppleCare+, […]

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Here’s how much you’ll be paying to protect your Watch with AppleCare+

The Apple Watch is now available for pre-orders, and with it Apple has revealed a few more details about the cost of its AppleCare+ service for the wearables — ranging from $ 49 for the cheapest option all the way up…Read more ›

Here’s how much AppleCare+ will cost for Apple Watch

Apple told us last month that they would make AppleCare+ available for all those that just know they’re going to break Apple Watch’s sapphire display. Apple still hasn’t officially revealed pricing, but a leaked internal screenshot may have just revealed…Read more ›

Thanks to IBM partnership, AppleCare is now available for enterprise

AppleCare has started to rollout to enterprise, thanks to Cupertino’s new strategic partnership with IBM. Apple has just published a new webpage profiling

Why You Should Always Use the Free AppleCare Repair Service

From time to time, Apple will offer free out-of-warranty repair services for devices and hardware that are determined to be dysfunctional or defective. For example, many users experienced the failure of their iPhone 5 lock / power button, and Apple later determined that some of the devices manufactured were susceptive to power button failure, thus … Read More

Caption contest: Tim Cook walks into an AppleCare center in Texas…

Imagine calling into AppleCare, pissed off that your iPad’s display is freezing, again. You’re ready to obliterate the schmucks at the call center with a hadouken ball of fury, but when the line is finally answered, you’re disarmed by the sweet southern charm of Apple’s…Read more ›

You Can Now Initiate Screensharing With AppleCare

Got a problem with your Mac that makes you call an AppleCare representative over the phone? You no longer have to use mere words to try to explain what’s wrong. Apple has now updated its support site, allowing users to…Read more ›

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Samsung To Launch AppleCare+ Competitor For Smartphones, Tablets & More

Samsung looks to be preparing its own extended warranty plans that will provide additional coverage for its smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics, according to a new trademark registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Called “Protection Plus,” the…Read more ›

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AppleCare+ Customers Can Now Get Repairs & Replacements While Abroad

applecareAppleCare+ subscribers can now get repairs and replacements for their iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches while they’re abroad following recent changes to the service. Subscribers were previously required to contact Apple in their home country, but now they can pop into any Apple retail store in territories where AppleCare+ is sold. Apple hasn’t quite made […]

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Amazon May Be Looking To Take On AppleCare

Apple has set the gold standard for warranty and customer support with its successful AppleCare program, and now Amazon apparently wants in, having filed a trademark for a service that sounds suspiciously like, well, AmazonCare.

GigaOM reports that on December 13, Amazon filed a trademark application for the term ‘Kindle’ with this description of associated goods and services:

“Maintenance, repair, updating and installation services for computer hardware, computer peripherals, computer  [Read More…]