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Today Apple gave access for developers to try its new App Analytics tool for the App Store. Originally announced last year at WWDC, developers can now use Apple’s analytics service to track everything from how people find their apps to… Read more ›

Several dozen American Airlines flights were delayed overnight, after the pilots’ iPads — used for providing information to flight crews — failed prior to takeoff, leaving pilots without a flight plan. iPad bug has @AmericanAir #737 fleet grounded Sitting at #DFW… Read more ›

Twitter and Apple’s Spotlight are getting friendlier

Spotlight can do a lot of things, but did you know that it can search hashtags on Twitter? The feature, which many are just now discovering, could be only the beginning of how Apple and Twitter will work together in… Read more ›

Michael Bromwich, the court-appointed antitrust monitor who infamously handed Apple an “unprecedented†legal bill of $ 138,432 for his first two weeks’ work, is back — and his latest eyebrow-raising offence is charging Apple to “review relevant media articles.” What does… Read more ›

The iPhone 6 is a monster hit, China is falling hard for Apple, and Tim Cook is delighted with the world’s response to the Apple Watch. And those are just some of the key insights from today’s Apple earnings call.… Read more ›

Apple’s senior director of PR is retiring

Natatlie Kerris has been one of the most prominent figures on Apple’s PR team for the past decade, but today the Senior Director of Apple PR announced that she’s ready to jettison from the mothership. In a message posted on… Read more ›

Is Nike and Apple’s relationship on the rocks?

Apple’s new Activity and Fitness apps for Apple Watch might signal the end of the company’s long partnership with Nike. So what does this mean for the millions of us who were introduced to Nike+ by Apple in 2006 and… Read more ›

Rumors about a plus-sized 12.9-inch iPad have been circulating for quite some time, and renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has stirred them up again after posting photos of cases reportedly designed for the device. In doing so, he may have… Read more ›

Apple’s new MacBook may be one “for the future” but it’s already had a teardown from our friends over at iFixit, filling you in on all the ways the next-gen notebook differs from its predecessor. That includes Apple’s butterfly mechanism… Read more ›

Apple is looking to ramp up its camera technology with the acquisition of the Israeli camera technology company LinX. A deal between the two companies has been reached that will see Apple paying about $ 20 million for the startup ,… Read more ›