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Apple’s Weighting to Change in Nasdaq Rebalancing

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Next month, the NASDAQ stock exchange will rebalance its benchmark NASDAQ 100. In the process, the exchange will effectively slash Apple Inc’s weighting and likely spark no shortage of volatility as traders and investors navigate the upheavals and readjust their stock portfolios.

Wall Street analysts who have publicly commented on the matter today are correct in saying that the rebalancing of the NASDAQ 100 “is not an  [Read More…]

Apple’s A5 processor could pave way for larger chip trend

Despite the similar features, the processor used on Apple’s iPad 2 A5 and presumably also will be mounted on the upcoming iPhone, is larger than its alter ego Nvidia Tegra 2, and even more powerful. According to analysts, the trend for the coming years will be to achieve chip bigger and faster

A5 The chip has a size of 122 mm square, 49mm square against the Tegra 2. This difference raises a lot of curiosity  [Read More…]

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Set for June 6th

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On Monday morning, Apple announced that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 6 through June 10th. As widely expected, the event will return to San Francisco?s Moscone West, where Apple has a storied history of unveiling new products and software that leave the tech world buzzing.

Apple says this year’s conference will once again herald what the future of computing technology holds, including  [Read More…]

Apple’s A5: Two Cortex-A8s Under the Hood?

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The new A5 system-on-a-chip in the iPad 2 has been said to have a “dual-core” processor with “up to 2x” the power of its predecessor, the A4. However, if you review the actual words Steve Jobs used when announcing the new iPad, you’ll note that he says “two processors inside” right after he reads “dual-core processors” off the slide. It’s a meaningful distinction, because if “dual-core” meant  [Read More…]

Watch Apple’s iPad 2 Media Event : Streaming Online

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So you missed all the big announcements at the Media Event? Don’t fret, Apple has just posted the streaming video of the event online for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t heard, Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the event and as usual hosted the keynote.

Things discussed at the Keynote:

Apple Releases iTunes 10.2 Apple Announces iPad 2: A5 Dual Core, 2 Cameras, Thinner Apple  [Read More…]

What a Steve Jobs Appearance Would Mean for Apple’s March 2 Event

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AllThingsD has just posted an interesting article, discussing the rumor that Steve Jobs is “definitely mulling” appearing on stage alongside his fellow Apple executives to show off Apple’s new product and software, most likely the iPad 2, and a preview of iOS 5. As Mr. Jobs is on medical leave as he battles a form of pancreatic cancer, it was widely expected that Apple COO Tim Cook  [Read More…]

New Trojan Confirmed for Apple’s Mac OS X

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Security analysts at Sophos report that a new “backdoor Trojan” has been written by hackers that specifically takes aim at Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. According to Chester Wisniewski of Naked Security – the popular IT security blog – the trojan in question makes remote operations and password “phishing” relatively simple.


As even the malware itself admits, it is not yet finished, but it could  [Read More…]

Apple’s Tim Cook expected to present the iPad 2

We’re only about few days away from the iPad 2 event on March 2nd and as most of you know Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ health is getting very bad so he might not present the iPad 2. Los Angeles Times reported that Apple CFO Tim Cook who is acting as a CEO is going to the presentation, effectively taking over the ceremonial duties typically reserved for Steve Jobs, who left the company he helped found last month on medical leave.  [Read More…]

The Next Step for iTunes: Apple’s ‘Insurance’ Plan

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With reports that Apple’s Data Center in North Carolina is set to go live around the middle of this year, many have speculated the exact use for the massive site. One likely use is for the evolution of MobileMe, the other may be to extend users’ iTunes libraries to the cloud, allowing users access to their music from anywhere.

This is easier said than done. iTunes is  [Read More…]