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We tried the apps your mother warned you about (and survived)

Thanks to your iPhone you can couch surf, catch a ride downtown, find a date or maybe even source a freebie for dinner. The sharing economy has gone mainstream, filling our smartphones with apps that run counter to your mother’s admonitions. You…

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Google bets on productivity with slick new iOS apps

Until today, you had to use the Dropbox-like Google Drive app or web interface to access Google Docs on iOS. But now Google has official apps to work on documents and spreadsheets, called Google Docs and Google Sheets. An app…

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Official Reddit apps are coming to fuel your addiction

Just as I thought I was close to curing my Reddit addiction — I’ve been “clean” for almost three days — confirmation that official Reddit apps are incoming for Android and iOS means I’m almost certainly destined for a relapse. Job listings…

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Snappgrip now works with third-party apps to add manual buttons to iPhone camera

Snappgrip is an add-on camera grip for your iPhone, bringing the extra manual knobs, dials and buttons you miss from your regular camera. It’s been around for a while. But that’s not the news. The new is that a couple…

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Learn the art of building amazing web apps with the Master Web Apps Video Course [Deals]

HTML5 is a language that is designed to work on all platforms. That means you can code your app or website and it will work on mobile devices, tables and computers. The best part is that you can put these…

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Get Great Apps And Support A Cause With The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0 [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals regularly offers “name your own price” bundles, and we’ve got another here for you that assembles 9 apps and an iOS course that really deliver the goods…and the savings! These types of bundles are time-limited opportunities…

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Forget to Update Your Mac Apps? Use Automatic Updates in OS X

Many of us Mac users forget to update our installed apps to the latest versions, missing out on everything from newly added features, bug fixes, to important security improvements. Sure there are plenty of reasons for forgetting to update applications, whether because we’re too busy to remember, don’t know how to update, or simply don’t … Read More

Wholesome App’s New Update Lets You Assess Your Risk Of Scurvy

A premium update to nutrition app Wholesome lets you do more than just see what’s in your food. The base app — with all its nutritional information — is still free, but for $ 2.99, you can unlock the “My Nutrition”…

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What Apps Will Look Like On The 4.7-Inch iPhone 6

In the past, when Apple has grown the screen of an iOS device — for example, with the transition from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5 — Apple has taken pains to keep the pixel density the same. The…

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Last Chance! The StackUp iOS App Bundle: Get 12 iPhone And iPad Apps At A Great Price

The StackUp iOS App Bundle is offering 12 iOS apps valued at $ 113 for just $ 36. Several of these apps are geared towards making your iOS experience a more productive one, which is why this particular bundle caught my attention.…

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