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Install Windows And Mac Apps Side By Side [Video Guide]

If you are a recent Mac switcher, there is a good chance that there are some Windows applications that you still may want to use. If so, Virtual Box is a great application to let you do this. In this video, you will se how to get virtual box, install an operating system, and run Windows apps side by side with your OS X apps. [via cultofmac]

How To Arrange Your iPad Apps With [Video]

After preparing your iPad, It may seem like a hassle to hunt around for the apps you want and to page through all of those home screens. That’s Cool but there another way to arrange your apps easier and with more flexibility here in this video below: For more news coverage, you can follow us on Twitter or become a fan on our Facebook page, we will keep you updated with posts  [Read More…]

Paid Apps All The Rage in Young Mac App Store

Click the image to open in full size. According to the latest research report from Distimo, Apple must be happy with the debut success of the Mac App Store. Based on the findings by Distimo – a firm that monitors information across various competing app stores – Apple is making bank on the popularity of most of the young store’s content offerings. Incredible but true, 88% of all Mac App Store apps are paid, while  [Read More…]

Is Apple Crippling iPhone Web Apps?

iOS 4.3 The Register reports that websites/iPhone web apps that are launched using the Home screen icon run slower compared to when they are loaded directly in iPhone�s Mobile Safari. The Register claims that this has been observed after the iOS 4.3 software update that was released last week.   The Register reports: If a web app is run from the iOS 4.3 home screen – in other words, if  [Read More…]

Delete Apps From iPhone / iPad Home Screen with CyDelete [Cydia Tweak]

CyDelete is a free and cool Cydia tweak. CyDelete allows you to delete Cydia apps straight from your iPhone and iPad home screen! CyDelete will save your time, as you won’t be required to relaunch Cydia then go into Manage -> Packages, find it from the list, hit remove and wait.   CyDelete is available for free via BigBoss Repo, it’s available for both the iPhone and iPad!

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