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Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Film Gets April 2013 Release Date


Are you ready for the glory that is Ashton Kutcher doing his best Steve Jobs impression? He’s got the hair. The clothes. An LSD lovin smile. And the smolder.

jOBS will make its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival to a select audience, but the Ashton Kutcher starred film will get a wide release in April 2013.

Ashton Kutcher is set to star as Steve Jobs in the jOBS bio-pic that  [Read More…]

Slim, Quad-Core & Air-Like MacBook Pros To Arrive In Late April Or Early May?

iMac and MacBook updates tend to happen on a fairly predictable cycle that isnt determined by Apple so much as it is by the release of suitable new Intel chips. Since Intel leaks info about upcoming chips a lot more than Apple leaks about upcoming products, this makes it a fairly easy thing to predict when updated Apple laptops and desktops are going to come down the pipeline. Now Intel  [Read More…]

The MacBook Pro Will Be Killed In April By The 15-Inch MacBook Air [Rumor]

Source claims the 15-inch MacBook Pro will become the MacBook Air’s next victim.

The MacBook Air has become increasingly popular since Apple overhauled the ultraportable and introduced an 11-inch model back in October 2010. The company also dropped its price, making it more affordable for the average consumer and paving the way for the death of the white plastic MacBook. But it seems the MacBook wont be the Airs only  [Read More…]

T-Mobile To Cap Domestic Roaming Data Allotment Starting April 5th

Starting April 5th, T-Mobile will begin capping the Domestic Roaming Data Allotment. Unlike their data throttling, once a user goes over their designated allotment,they will simply be cut off from data altogether, until they return to the T-Mobile network or connect via WiFi. While this change is unlikely to affect the majority of us (whens the last time you used data while roaming?), T-Mobile will send out warnings via text message  [Read More…]

Todays Stupidest Exclusive Report Says Apples Siri-Controlled iTV Will Arrive By April [Uh, No.]

The hope of a new Apple product on the horizon tends to make tech blogs a little fanciful, sometimes even delusional, so its hard to fault Techno Buffalo too much for their exclusive report that an Apple-made OLED HDTV with Siri functionalities the much talked about iTV is coming out this April, or possibly May at the latest. Hey, we all get carried away from time to time.  [Read More…]

Intel’s New Ivy Bridge Processors Pegged for April Release

Intels Ivy Bridge processors finally have an official release date of April 8, 2012 beating the company’s timeline leaked earlier this year by a month, according toDigitimes. Intels next generation processors will have a 22-nanometer architecture across 25 different processors, 17 for desktops and eight for notebooks. The notebook processors will reportedly include model numbers 3820QM and 3720QM and retail for $568 and $378. Ivy Bridge notebook processors will feature Intel’s new integrated HD Graphics  [Read More…]

Some HTC Devices Found Infringing Apple’s Patents – Banned Starting April 19, 2012

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has just recently ruled in the favor of Apple in the Apple vs. HTC patent lawsuit regarding mobile devices (in the United States). According to the ITC, HTC is found guilty of violating Apple patent 5946647, which can be found below via Googles Patent Search: A system and method causes a computer to detect and perform actions on structures identified in computer data. The system provides an analyzer server, an  [Read More…]

Apple April Sales Up 113 Percent From Last Year, Disappointing?

Click the image to open in full size. Ticonderoga Securities, using their trusted "Apple Barometer," reported Apple had "strong growth year-on-year for April," with sales up 113% compared to the same month last year. These numbers aren’t raw sales numbers on products shipped, but rather measure sales of component suppliers to Apple in their supply chain. The logic is if Apple needs to purchase more supplies (LCDs, touch screens, etc) from their suppliers,  [Read More…]

Order For White iPhone 4 Tomorrow April 20 [Delivery Order]

You can order now for a new white iPhone 4. Three UK accidentally made their white iPhone 4 order page live revealing a delivery date of April 20, according to Engadget.Looks like somebody pulled the trigger on an order page for the mythical white iPhone 4 a little early over at Three UK. The phone that had previously been listed on the carrier’s site for a long, long time (sans any ability to actually order it) has  [Read More…]

White iPhone 4 Will Be Released On April 26

Confirmed information received from a reliable source, we can reveal when will be the date of releasing the long-awaited white iPhone 4. The big launch might take place exactly after ten days, 26 April, 2011.undefinedAlso this confirming the floating rumors which indicated a possible release of the white iPhone 4 in late April. Anyway let’s wait and see, I will buy one.So, you gonna buy it?