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Picturelife Will Import Your Entire Everpix Archive — Free

  Everpix’s servers are probably going to hate this, but users will love it. Picturelife (my favorite of the Everpix alternatives I tested, has made an Everpix-to-Picturelife importer. If you received a link to your Everpix archive, you can just…Read more ›

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Compress A Bunch Of Files Into One Zip Archive For Easier Sharing [OS X Tips]

I remember back in the olden, pre-OS X days, when you’d need to use a utility like Stuffit to compress a bunch of files together into one archive, shedding excess data and making it easier to get those files to…Read more ›

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Archive Older iOS Backups Via iTunes To Save Timely Snapshots [iOS Tips]

iTunes ArchivingIf you backup your iOS devices to your Mac, you will overwrite the latest backup each time you do so, creating a new, fully up-to-date copy of your iOS device, including settings, apps, and data. But what if you want to save a certain backup as a snapshot, like before you upgrade to a new […]

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3 Ways to View Zip & Archive Contents Without Extracting in Mac OS X

Wondering what is in that zip file or archive you downloaded, but you don’t want to extract it to find out? Maybe you are hunting around in a see of archives for a specific file you zipped up a while ago, but you’re not quite sure which archive contains it? You can easily peer into zips and other archive formats to view their contents without actually unzipping or uncompressing them, which is an excellent way to check if a particular  [Read More…]

How to Exclude Files from a Zip Archive

Zip archive icon The easiest way to exclude many specific files or a group of matched files from a zip archive is by skipping the easy zipping utility built into Mac OS X’s friendly UI and turn over to the command line, where the powerful zip command resides.

This is useful for a million and one reasons, but the primary motivation for this post pertains to the .DS_Store files which  [Read More…]

Batch Archive Or Delay All Messages In Mailbox App For The iPhone [iOS Tips]

Mailbox All Swipe

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have signed up for Mailbox, Orchestra’s amazing new email client for the iPhone, you know how great it is. It allows you to re-think how you deal with email on a daily basis. Mail messages can be archived, set to remind you at a later time or day, or placed in lists you create yourself all with a swipe of your  [Read More…]

Check Out This Incredible YouTube Archive Of Steve Wozniak Spilling Secret Apple History In 1984 [Gallery]

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.10.55 PM

If you love Woz (and who doesn’t?) we’ve got an extra special Friday treat for you.

Vince Patton emailed us, linking us to an incredible YouTube account filled with vintage videos of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talking to the Denver Apple Pi computer club back in 1984, in which Woz talks about being put on probation for computer abuse, hacking a video-on-demand box for free movies  [Read More…]

Archive, Batch Send, And Download Your Instagram Photos With Recygram [iOS Tips]


Yesterday, I tipped you off about #NoCrop for Instagram, an app that lets you submit full-sized photos to the social photo service with very little effort.

Today, I want to look at Recygram, another free app that works with Instagram, letting you send photos from your voluminous Instagram archive to Flicker and Tumblr, as well as download them or compress them for sharing. Sounds like a great way to archive  [Read More…]

Fix Archive Utility When It Stops Working, Crashes, or Freezes in Mac OS X

Archive Utility is the little system app that launches anytime an archive needs to be dealt with by OS X, usually it launches itself, extracts a zip, sit, tar, gz, or whatever other archive file, then quits on it’s own. Lately there’s been widespread reports of weird problems with Archive Utility though, where a zip or any other archive file will not decompress, instead the Archive Utility app will just stop working completely, spinning itself into oblivion before freezing or  [Read More…]

Extract & Uncompress Virtually Any Archive File with Unarchiver for Mac OS X

Extract files in Mac OS X with Unarchiver The Unarchiver is a one stop shop for extracting and uncompressing virtually any archive file that youll come across. Easily managing the usual archive formats of zip, sit, gzip, bin, tar, hqx, itll also easily tear through less common archive types including rar files, 7z, bzip2, cab, sea, exe, rpm, and many other obscure compression formats that OS Xs built-in Archive Utility cant  [Read More…]