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How to Download All Vine Videos from Your Archives on Vine

Did you use Vine? If so you’ll likely want to download all of your Vine videos before they disappear for good. We’ll show you how to download any and all video archive from the Vine service, it’s pretty simple and can be done with any web browser, there’s no need to break out curl or … Read More

Everpix Users Can Now Download Their Photo Archives

Everpix users can now achieve some emotional closure to help with the stress caused by the shutdown of everyone’s favorite online photo-wrangling service. You’ll be getting an e-mail soon (or already) with a link to let you get a raw…Read more ›

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Prevent Zip Clutter by Moving Archives Automatically After Unzipping in Mac OS X

Anyone who downloads files from around the web, ftp, torrents, and elsewhere will eventually wind up with a lot of archive clutter sitting around on their Mac in the form of tons of zip, rar, sit, and other compressed file formats. This is because the default behavior is set for archives to maintain their existence even after their contents are extracted, a reasonable but conservative setting that can cause users to forget about the original archive file(s).

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How to Open Zip Files & Extract Archives on the iPhone & iPad

Working with Zip files in iOS If you’ve ever run into a .zip file on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you will probably have discovered it’s a bit of a dead-end initially, because by default there isn’t much you can do with zips or any other archive format. That doesn’t mean you can’t open ZIP files though, and in fact these archives can be viewed, unzipped, and opened in iOS  [Read More…]