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Bay Area woman accidentally junks $200k Apple-1 computer

Have you ever thrown away something you regretted later on? If so, you have something in common with the Bay Area woman who recently junked a vintage Apple-1 computer — one of around just 200 surviving machines created by Steve Jobs and the Woz way…

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Apple promises $2 million to help bring Super Bowl 50 to Bay Area

Since the airing of Apple’s iconic “1984″ commercial to launch the Macintosh, tech companies have had a special relationship with the Super Bowl. Now Apple is one of several tech giants — also including Google, Yahoo and Intel — which…

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Top 8 Things To Do In The Bay Area During WWDC 2013 [Feature]









You won’t have a lot of spare time at the World Wide Developer’s Conference — what with the sessions and a packed schedule of parties — but here are a few great ways to spend those precious hours, whether you know San Francisco like you know your code or are here for the first time.


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