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A hilarious gallery of the hairiest Apple Watch arms on Instagram

Will the Apple Watch make you thin and attractive? Yeah, if you believe the advertising. Model Christy Thurlington is the perfect hand model: she runs marathins for mother’s in Africa! Even the hand models in Apple’s Youtube guided tours are…Read more ›

ARM’s new chips will give iPhone 3.5x performance boost

ARM holdings, the company behind the mobile processor architecture that powers the iPhone and iPad, unveiled its next generation processor blueprints today that it says will increase performance three fold compared to its current designs. The new Cortex-A72 chips aimed…Read more ›

The iPhone 5c Is Driving Customers Into The Arms Of The iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5c isn’t a failure by any means, but even so, it’s not selling as well as most people would have expected, with sales of the iPhone 5s believed to outpace its plastic midrange sibling by as much as…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Target Arms Black Friday Shoppers With Improved Maps, Shopping Lists And New iOS 7 UI

America’s favorite shopping day is almost here and what better way to prepare your customers for the slaughters of Black Friday than a juicy new app update? Target has released a free update for its iPhone app that finally brings…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Double Amputee Gets Himself Two iPhone-Controlled Robotic Arms Worthy Of Jony Ive Himself

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCyaaga8MqA?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

In an accident almost too horrifying for words, Jason Koger once ran over a fallen power line with his four-wheeler. 7,200 volts ran through his system, and the addient was so horrifying, he needed to have both his arms amputated. But there’s an app for everything, even robotic hands.

Koger’s new cybernetic hands were designed for him by UK-based prosthetic developers Touch Bionics, and it’s called the i-Limb (natch). Featuring five individually powered digits and a totally  [Read More…]

This Weird iPhone Stand Gives Your Puny Arms A Rest When Watching Movies


Now you can munch on a burrito AND watch One Direction videos  at the same time


My weak arms could never hold my iPhone inches from my face long enough to make it through an entire viewing of Titanic. It’s the number one reason why I don’t watch movies on my iPhone. That and the fact that watching a movie on a 4-inch screen might make my retinas bleed.

For those  [Read More…]

Google Arms Android with 1,023 More IBM Patents But Will It Protect Them From Apple?

In the current wave of patent wars, Google has become an arms supplier, buying technology from other firms to increase Androids ability to fight back against Apple. In its latest purchase in the Silicon Valleys version of an arms bazaar, the Internet giant snapped up 1,023 IBM patents.   After purchasing 1,030 IBM patents in July, the Mountain View, Calif. Android creator in August bought the new technology to combat what  [Read More…]