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Have Siri Read Articles To You on iPhone or iPad

Siri has the ability to read anything on the screen of an iPhone or iPad to you. And yes, that means Siri will quite literally read aloud whatever is open and on the display of an iOS device, whether it’s a web page, an article, an email, a text message, anything on the screen will … Read More

Facebook Instant articles now available to all iPhone users

After five months of beta testing its fast-loading ‘instant’ articles, Facebook is rolling out the feature to all iPhone users starting today. Instant articles load 10 times faster than normal shared links and rank higher in News Feed. Facebook has enlisted a number of top publishers to create content for the new article format with […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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NYTimes For iOS Now Limits Free Readers To Just 10 Articles A Month

The New York Times has updated its official apps for iOS. Both NYTimes for iPhone and NYTimes for iPad now promise complete coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which will take place from Feb 7 to 23 — including news…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Inlight’ Gathers Useful And Entertaining Articles In A Beautiful Package

Inlight — Lifestyle — Free If you have a few minutes to stare at your phone, and you don’t really feel like watching a video, you might want to look into Inlight. It’s a really good-looking app that collects articles…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Instapaper Goes Flat For iOS 7, Adds Smart Filters For Sorting Articles

IMG_3647The new Instapaper is here for iOS 7, and it’s flatter. Betaworks has simplified the app’s layout to fit the design aesthetic of iOS 7, and it looks great. The biggest addition to Instapaper 5.0 is article filtering by date, length, read time, and popularity. Videos have finally been sorted into their own folder with […]

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Readtime Fetches Articles Based On How Much Time You Have For Reading

Got a few minutes to read something? Not sure which of your saved Read Later article to pick? Then you need Readtime, a new iPhone app which picks articles based on the time you have available. Dial in the length of your coffee break or the average time taken to clear your bowels in the morning, and Readtime will return a list of appropriately-long articles.

Readtime syncs with Readability and Pocket (not  [Read More…]

Use IFTTT To Send Google Reader Articles To OmniFocus And Readability [How To]

Ifthis 1

The Omni Group has been testing its new OmniFocus Mail Drop, a service which lets you forward emails to a secret address, whereupon they end up — moments later — in your OmniFocus inbox. This means that we can finally (finally!) add emails direct to our Omnifocus from our iPhones and iPads.

But with a little jiggery-pokery, you can finagle some automated internet services to do much more. In this post I’ll show you how  [Read More…]

Apple Dominates 2011’s Most Read WSJ Articles

2011 was not only a big year for Apple product releases and company developments, it was also a major period in which Apple-related events dominated the headlines like never before. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal proclaimed 2011 to be “the year of Apple, Inc.” According to the esteemed publication, eight of its ten most-read corporate articles this year were about Apple or its late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The WSJ, however, says this  [Read More…]

New York Times App Experiencing a ‘Glitch’ Allowing Free Access to Paid Articles

Click the image to open in full size. We received a tip from a reader this morning about a supposed glitch involving the very popular New York Times Times iOS app. According to the source, the app allows articles to be read without a subscription. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what we can tell you based on the tip: Quote: Currently, users of versions which precede the new subscription model are unable  [Read More…]