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Apple Music showcases 4 new artists to ‘discover’

Apple Music has done a pretty decent job of suggesting content to users over its first couple of months. Between its auto-generated playlists based on your preference bubbles and curation straight from famous acts and DJs, you should have little trouble finding something you might not mind sticking in your earholes. And a new batch […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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New Apple Music ads introduce you to your next favorite artists

Apple debuted three new ads for Apple Music over the weekend, via its YouTube channel. Like the iPod ads of old, the new spots show off Apple’s creative cool by highlighting both popular and up-and-coming musical acts, with the tagline “All the artists you love and are about to love, all in one place.” Check out […][Read More…]

These artists are Beats 1’s favorites

Beats 1 radio has been arguably the best feature to come out of Apple’s foray into the streaming music world. With its fabulous lineup of rotating DJs and artist radio shows, Beats 1 has become a great place to discover new music, but many users have complained the station focuses too much on hip-hop and […][Read More…]

Apple Music wanted to rob artists like Taylor Swift robs photographers

Taylor Swift is a shrewd business woman and thought she was speaking for all the little artists when she told Apple to kiss off when it comes to featuring her album 1989 on its new music streaming service. To not…Read more ›

Apple will now pay artists during Apple Music’s free trial

Apple has changed its mind on the decision not to pay streaming music royalties to artists and labels during the three-month trial period of Apple Music. Yesterday, Taylor Swift penned an open letter to the company arguing that, “We don’t…Read more ›

Apple denies pulling non-Apple Music artists from iTunes

An Apple spokesperson claims that the company will not remove artists who decline to sign up for Apple Music from the iTunes Store. This is the latest development in negotiations leading up to the streaming service’s launch on June 30.…Read more ›

New platform offers visual artists a chance to put their stamp on it

There are many ways for photographers to display and share work: Build a website, post on Facebook, spread your brand on Instagram or create a repository on Flickr. But the few mentioned above are not perfect, especially when it comes…Read more ›

Jimmy Iovine is lining up artists for more iTunes exclusive albums

Beats cofounder Jimmy Iovine is undergoing fresh talks with the world’s top musicians, in hopes of landing more exclusive album deals for iTunes, reports the New York Post. Apple is looking to replicate the success Beyonce had with her exclusive…Read more ›

iTunes Festival adds over 20 new artists to concert lineup

Apple is stuffing the lineup of its 2014 iTunes Festival concert in London next month with the additions of Jenny Lewis, Lenny Kravitz, SOHN, Jessie Ware, Ryan Adams and 16 other artists and bands. The new acts will join the…Read more ›

Vietnam War photos leave haunting impressions on artist’s unlikely canvas

The coiled hose left a mark on the grass, a fading of color where the sun could not shine. From this moment on his front lawn, Binh Danh realized he could create a photographic process using sunlight, leaves and grass.…Read more ›