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Use Preview To Make Your Photos More Black And White Artsy [OS X Tips]

If you want to get all Ansel Adams and start exploring black and white photography, you could go out and buy a fancy photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop, you could go see if anyone still makes film cameras with black and white film, or you could go the super easy and cheap route and […]

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Celebrate The End Of Movember With Temporarily Free Artsy Head App

That's some serious Movember, right there.

So, if you’re in the market for a silly, fun little app that will let you mix photos, videos and sound on your iPhone, Artsy Head may be the one to grab. It’s free for the rest of November to celebrate Cyber Monday week as well as the end of Movember. Apparently, one of the fun things folks do with Artsy Head is add mustaches to  [Read More…]

Create Artsy Self-Portraits With Poly For iPad

DeveloperJean-Christophe Naour has released an app for the iPad called Poly. Inspired bymathematician Boris Delaunay, Poly lets users create intriguing, colorful self-portraits with the iPad 2?s front-facing camera. Poly creates geometric images that are complied by averaging color data within triangular fields that you trace with your hand. The artistically inclined will undoubtedly find Poly mesmerizing, while the rest of us should be content to just sit there  [Read More…]