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How to install Apple Watch beta ASAP

If you’re an early adopter of Apple Watch as well as a registered Apple developer, you can get the new watchOS 2 on your wrist right now. It takes a bit of effort, including getting into your copy of Xcode,…Read more ›

Mac users should install Apple’s NTP security update ASAP

Apple pushed out a critical security update for Mac users today, and if your Mac is running Yosemite, Mavericks, or Mountain Lion, you’ll want to install it immediately. OS X NTP Security Update was released to users via the Mac…Read more ›

Change Your Passwords For These 15 Heartbleed-Vulnerable Sites ASAP

Heartbleed sent the web reeling with the discovery that the catastrophic security hole quietly left passwords and other private data open for the taking on nearly 66% of the Internet’s servers.  Luckily for Apple customers, iOS and OS X were…Read more ›