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Spy who may have helped Samsung win A-series chip orders loses in court

Taiwan’s top court has ruled in favor of TSMC in a dispute involving a former employee who leaked trade secrets to Samsung — potentially helping the South Korean tech giant catch up in the chip fabrication business and win orders for Apple’s A-series processors. Samsung wasn’t named directly in the suit, although there’s little doubt […][Read More…]

TSMC may be losing A-series chip orders to Samsung

There’s a line in 1990′s The Godfather: Part III when Al Pacino’s Michael describes his inability to extract his family from a life of crime, saying: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Much the…Read more ›

Apple’s Top Secret Deal With Samsung To Build A-Series Chips In Upstate New York

With the new Mac Pro, Apple has proven its serious about bringing at least some manufacturing back to the States. The next step, though, is chips, and a new report says that Apple is bringing chip fabrication of its A-series…Read more ›

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Apple Starts Taking A-Series Chip Production Away From Samsung

This could be the first ripple of a very big wave: the Commercial Times out of Taiwan is claiming that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (or TSMC) is about to start trial production for Apple’s A6X SoC this quarter.

Why is this a big deal? Apple’s arch-nemesis Samsung currently manufacturers the A6X chip… and it might herald Apple shifting all of its multi-billion dollar chip business away.

The Commercial Times reports:

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Apple Could Allow Users To Upgrade The Rumored iTV Every Year Using A-Series Modules [CES 2012]

Samsung’s usually accused of copying Apple, but their next-gen Smart TVs can be upgraded over time with faster processors and graphics, a strategy Apple might also employ.

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 Like many TV makers at CES, Apples rumored entry into the HDTV market was the specter in the room at Samsungs Monday afternoon press conference. However, unlike other  [Read More…]