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The latest Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher that everyone loves to hate is now available in the iTunes Store. You can purchase the movie for $ 20 in HD or $ 15 in SD, or rent it for $ 5 in HD or… Read more ›      [Read More…]

Ashton_Kutcher_in_JobsSteve Wozniak has made his feelings about Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs movie pretty clear, but how does he really feel about the film? Kutcher believes Woz’s views could be swayed by the fact he’s being paid by another studio to support a different Steve Jobs movie, and because Jobs doesn’t place enough focus on Woz’s contribution to Apple. Woz famously […]

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ashton-kutcher-as-steve-jobsSo, Ashton Kutcher, right? His first name is actually Chris. He met up with about a bazillion teen fans at Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards last night to receive the Ultimate Choice Award Recipient from the kid-centric cable network, and told them some deep stuff. First up, according to Kutcher, is that “opportunities look a lot […]

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jobsThe new Jobs movie hits Friday. And it’s not going to be pretty. The movie covers the life of the late Apple co-founder and CEO from 1971, before the founding of Apple, to 2001, when Jobs announces the iPod, thus setting the company on the path to glory and dominance. You’re going to hate the […]

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ashtononcolbert  Getting into the psyche of any major historical figure is a difficult task, especially when you’ve never even met them, so to sympathize with Steve Jobs’ dick-ish behavior for his role in JOBS, Ashton Kutchers says he thought of Steve as kind of like a great football coach. During an appearance on The Colbert […]

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BRGx7cnCcAALJ04To celebrate the upcoming release of Ashton Kutcher’s role in the new JOBS biopic, famed Mac icon designer, Susan Kare, released new 32 x 32 pixel portraits of El Jobso himself and Señor Aplusk. Large prints of the Steve Jobs portrait can be picked up from Kare’s shop. As for your Ashton-fix, you only have […]

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kutcher_jobs-640x426Quora is motherlode of information often sees top experts answer thoughtful questions posed by its users. Every once in a while, a superstar will step into answer — as Ashton Kutcher himself did, when someone asked “How did Ashton Kutcher prepare for his role as Steve Jobs in the new movie Jobs?” It’s fascinating to […]

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kutcher_jobsAfter playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming bio-pic, Jobs, what’s next for Ashton Kutcher? Betraying the very spirit of the icon he just portrayed by shilling Windows PCs, of course. That timeless rag of gossipy muckraking, The New York Post, reports: Ashton Kutcher is continuing to rake in the dough. We’re told the “Jobs†star […]

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Following up on the release of the first full trailer for the new Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, Open Roads Studios has released a new Instagram trailer. It’s only 15 seconds long of course, but it’s packed with scenes of Ashton doing his best Steve Jobs death stare while reciting parts of Apple’s famous “The […]

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Following the release of a teaser clip back in January, the first full trailer for the new Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher has been made available—and yes, it features a song by Macklemore.

The movie was originally supposed to hit theaters in April, but the premiere has been pushed back to August 16th due to a need more more marketing.

Early reviews were mixed for Jobs, but most seem to agree that the movie isn’t going to be that great.  [Read More…]