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Google Maps loses its cool when asked, ‘Are we there yet?’

If you have young children, the last question you want to hear on any long journey is, “Are we there yet?” It’s never asked just once; it’s asked again and again and again until you angrily threaten to turn around and…Read more ›

What’s on my iPhone 6? Glad you asked.

One thing that makes iPhones so great is how each one can be so different, thanks to all the applications available, the many different ways to organize your home screen and all the other customization options that help you make…Read more ›

This iPhone Selfie Brush is the accessory nobody asked for

Just when you thought you’d heard everything, allow me to introduce the “Selfie Brush.” There have been plenty of wacky phone cases over the iPhone’s lifespan, but until now the idea of crossing an iPhone with a hairbrush remained the stuff of mad scientists.…Read more ›

Alleged killer asked Siri where to stash body

A Florida man accused of killing his roommate allegedly asked Siri to help him find a hiding place for the body. “I need to hide my roommate,” 20-year-old Pedro Bravo told Apple’s virtual assistant on the day Christian Aguilar was kidnapped and strangled…Read more ›

Appmakers asked to turn on Family Sharing for iOS 8 and Yosemite

At WWDC, Apple debuted its new Family Sharing feature, which allows up to six members of a household to share calendars and even iTunes purchases when using the same credit card — meaning the end of multiple iTunes accounts for…Read more ›

Ex-Apple Designers Asked: What Product Saved Apple?

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple went from being chump of the tech world to champ, and what was the product that turned it all around? That was the question posed to a panel of ex-Apple designers at a special event here…Read more ›

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Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Was Asked By Steve Jobs To Help Build OS X In 2000

The Father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, could also have been the godfather of OS X

Built upon the DNA of NeXT OS, OS X is already one of the most well known Unix-based operating systems, but it could have been supercharged if the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, had accepted a job offer from Steve Jobs back in 2000.   Describing Torvalds as the Steve Jobs of engineers for his  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Previously Asked Google to Stop Poaching Apple Employees

A court filing was unveiled recently including an email which late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs personally sent to former Google chief Eric Schmidt requesting an end to worker poaching. The email from March of 2007 specifically asked Google to put a stop to its active recruitment of an unnamed Apple engineer and alluded to stop worker poaching in general according to a report fromReuters. Jobs wrote that he would be very pleased if your recruiting  [Read More…]

101 Year Old Inventor Of LSD Asked Steve Jobs How Dropping Acid Helped Him Create The Mac

Steve Jobs had a life-long fixation on LSD, and often ended up asking potential Apple employees during interviews how many times they had dropped acid to throw them off guard. Steve Jobs personally considered doing LSD to be one of the formative experiences in his life, and was insistent that others should do it, too. With such a famous advocate working for free, its not a surprise that the man  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs was Asked by Creator of LSD to Help Promote Therapeutic Uses of the Drug

Steve Jobs, LSD, and Albert Hoffman The late Steve Jobs has always been unapologetic about his usage of LSD, openly proclaiming his experiences with the drug were some of the most important things I have done in my life and even criticizing Bill Gates for not indulging in the substance. Those statements didnt go unnoticed by Albert Hofman, the man who created LSD in a Swiss lab in the 1930?s, who  [Read More…]