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Get Mac OS X to Stop Asking to Use New Disks for Time Machine

All Mac users should setup Time Machine backups with an external hard drive, Time Capsule, or network drive to insure they have regular automatic backups made of their stuff and MacOS X installation. But once you have a backup drive established with Time Machine, or if you use a different backup approach entirely, you may … Read More

Asking Siri to charge your phone could one day save your life

From subtly dissing Rihanna, to teaching you math with reference to the Cookie Monster, Siri is packed full of offbeat Easter Eggs. But here’s one that could actually one day prove useful, and even life-saving. Maybe. If you’re ever in…Read more ›

Asking Apple Watch for the time will get you some well-earned sass

Siri is a pretty handy virtual assistant on your Apple Watch. It can tell you the temperature, convert measurements, send text messages, and do several other things without you having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. The one…Read more ›

Fix for Mac Randomly Asking for Password to iCloud, FaceTime, Messages

A notable amount of Mac users have discovered that a random OS X password popup window can appear from iCloud, FaceTime, or Messages, any of each asking for the respective iCloud password. The random password request is very non-specific and just has the logo, “iCloud Password – Please enter your password for [email protected]” with options … Read More

Forget about asking Siri for a date this Valentine’s

If you’re feeling lonely this Valentine’s day, don’t think your favorite personal assistant will be there for you. In fact she’ll do anything to avoid saying ‘yes’ to your proposal. Check out what happened when we tried to take our working…Read more ›

Mac Mail Keeps Asking to Enter Password? Here’s How to Fix That

When you set up a new Mail account in Mac OS X, you typically enter the service provider, email address, and the email accounts password once, then everything just works, right? Well, generally, but sometimes things aren’t so simple, and a frustrating issue that some users encounter is Mail app repeatedly asking for their password, … Read More

Asking Siri To Tell You A Tale Sheds Light On Her Complex Backstory

Recently Cult of Mac described how among Siri’s Easter eggs is a whole back story — programmed by her creators, and accessible by asking just the right questions. Beginning life as a five-year DARPA-backed project to build an intelligent virtual…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Siri Has A Whole Backstory You Can Unlock By Asking The Right Questions

We all know that Siri has some fun Easter eggs, but according to some Apple’s virtual assistant also has an entire backstory — unlockable by asking just the right questions. “We developed a backstory for Siri to make sure everything…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Power Plug Sends You Messages Asking If It Can Switch Itself Off

Imagine that your devices could send you a push notification asking if they could switch themselves off. That you could switch appliances on and off remotely to stop them drawing power in standby mode. That would be neat, right? Well,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

New Shazam Update Means It’s Able To Identify Music And TV Without You Asking

Shazam has been a favorite iOS app of mine for years. Have you ever been out and about, heard a song, and wondered what it was? That’s what Shazam is for. It’s always felt like magic to me, and the…Read more ›    [Read More…]