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Adobe Backs Down on Claims That OS X Lion Assassinates Flash

Shortly after OS X Lion hit the Mac App Store, Adobe promptly blamed Apple’s new operating system for a number of issues with its applications that users are experiencing after upgrading. One of its claims was that Lion disables hardware video acceleration, which has a huge impact on its Flash Player and results in it eating up a whole lot more of your processing power than it previously did. It hasn’t  [Read More…]

First Apple Assassinates Optical Media, Now USB Thumb Drives Need Witness Protection

Apple’s line of MacBook Airs never shipped with an optical drive and now the Mac Mini has joined the party. The new Mac Mini, released this week, no longer includes one of these drives either. If you want an optical drive to use with these Macs you have to purchase an external USB SuperDrive. Now the arrival of the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini herald the death of the  [Read More…]