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When I was young, maybe between the ages of twelve and fifteen, I used to make very basic games with a friend of mine called James Brzezicki. They were almost always the simplest things imaginable: a single sprite jumping over… Read more ›     

If you haven’t gotten enough of Robert Kirkman’s uber-popular Walking Dead series, you’ll love this. On his Twitter feed today, Kirkman posted a link to the the website for new, also episodic, iOS game, The Walking Dead: Assault.

It looks much more like the comic, and allows you to play as one of the characters from the original series of Eisner Award-winning comic books, published by Image Comics.

The first episode is  [Read More...]

Reddit’s consensus is that this Apple Store is in Switzerland, and this gentleman packing an assault rifle is just one of Switzerland’s many soldiers just walking around with his BFG in one of the most heavily armed countries in the world. Our guess? He wants to have a leverage point when the Genius Bar tells him his iPhone has one too many pink moisture indicators for warranty replacement.