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Bored at your job? NASA is looking for new astronauts

When companies list “frequent travel may be required” in its job postings, may usually means flying business class to the annual convention in Omaha and staying at the airport Ramada. It’s a good business practice to let candidates know this up front – especially when the company doing the hiring is NASA and the openings […]

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NASA needs a smartwatch app for its astronauts

There’s a smartwatch app for almost everything, but very few are useful to the men and women who work in microgravity. So NASA is asking the pubic to design a smartwatch app for its astronauts to do everything from keeping them organized during science experiments to alerting them to space debris approaching. NASA and Freelancer.com […][Read More…]

SpaceX abort system can carry astronauts to safety in five seconds

When the rocket you are about to ride has 3.9 million pounds of thrust under the seat, it’s comforting to have an exit strategy should something go wrong. The private company SpaceX recently had a successful test of a launch…Read more ›

This toilet demo shows how astronauts boldly go in space

We have a reinvigorated interest in the mysteries of space. Astronaut Scott Kelly is just beginning a record-breaking stint in zero gravity, a space probe is about to fly by Pluto and manned missions to an asteroid and Mars are…Read more ›

Dorky Ruck Pack Is Like A Giant Kids Back Pack For Astronauts

I’ll admit it. I was about to pass on writing up the OGIO Ruck Pack because it looks like a dorky kids bag. And then I noticed it also looks like the pack on the back of a space suit.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

NASA Wants iPad App Developers To Help Them Track Astronauts’ Diets

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re33w8u8asQ?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

There’s a lot of things you have to keep track of in outer space. How much oxygen you have. Whether cosmic rays are irradiating your fellow crewmen. Which of your fellow astronauts are possible Russian saboteurs. How much murderous sentience your onboard space computer is exhibiting. And, of course, whether or not you are maintaining a balanced diet.

Right now, there’s not an app for that, believe it or not… but NASA and TopCoder, a program competition company,  [Read More…]