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The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it’s slapping AT&T with a hefty fine for misleading subscribers about unlimited data plans. At a grand total of $ 100 million, it’s the largest fine the agency has proposed, after AT&T was caught… Read more ›

AT&T customers can kiss iPhone subsidies goodbye

Looking to buy a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus on AT&T but don’t want to sign up for the carriers’ ripoff Next plan? Too damn bad. Just days after AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega promised subsidized phones are… Read more ›

AT&T baits customers with new 24-month Next plan

Today AT&T announced a Next 24 plan that allows you to pay for your phone in small payments over the course of 30 months, with the option to upgrade after two years. The new 24-month plan joins Next’s current 12 and… Read more ›

The Federal Trade Commission is finally going after AT&T for throttling customer’s data speeds, by filing an official complaint that the company has lowered speeds on LTE up to 95% on unlimited data plans. FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez expounded on… Read more ›

The Apple SIM in the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 is based on an awesome idea—who doesn’t want to switch carriers with a tap of the screen? But the actual utility of the Apple SIM is pretty muddled, as evidenced… Read more ›

AT&T admits to insider breach of personal information

AT&T has a confirmed that it suffered a data breach back in August, carried out by one of its own employees. The now-former employee accessed personal information relating to an unspecified number of users (thought to be in the region… Read more ›

Of all the carriers you could possibly get your iPhone 6 through, AT&T is one of the worst. But starting on Sunday, signing a new two-year contract with AT&T is going to get a little more attractive, especially if you… Read more ›

Did you buy a shiny new iPhone 6 from AT&T Wireless? You might want to check your next monthly bill for an increased charge. Some AT&T customers upgrading to the iPhone 6 received a surprising text alert this morning saying the… Read more ›

> Apple fans hoping to skip waiting in line for the iPhone 6 on launch day were shocked to see pre-order times plummet within the first hours of what Apple’s dubbed a record breaking number of pre-orders. Many walked away… Read more ›

One of the best underrated features of iOS 8 is the addition of WiFi calling, and while carriers like T-Mobile and EE have already jumped onboard Apple’s new technology, AT&T is dragging its heels on WiFi Calling and doesn’t plan… Read more ›