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How to Open Winmail.dat Attachment Files on Mac OS X

Many Mac Mail users who send and receive emails with their Windows counterparts using a mail client like Outlook or Microsoft Exchange will discover a “winmail.dat” file attached to those emails. If you try to open a winmail.dat file on Mac OS X, you’ll usually find there is nothing available to open the attachment, or … Read More

Pro Tip: Get your dog in on the selfie act with this goofy attachment

Trying to get your canine BFF to look at your iPhone to capture the loving bond between the two of you is difficult, if not downright impossible. Luckily, this new attachment for your iPhone or other smartphone, called the Pooch Selfie (because of course it is), is going to the dogs. Funded at a crazy […]

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Web cam attachment will improve your face time

The extra long goatee is part of my look, but the two-toned thicket of coarse chin hairs can be a little jarring in a video call. If a screen’s built-in camera is not angled right and or placed at a proper distance, the beard may be the only thing the person gets on the receiving […][Read More…]

Give your iPhone superpowers with this ingenious optical attachment

LAS VEGAS — Your iPhone captures great imagery, but sometimes the built-in zoom just isn’t enough. An ingenious gadget that quickly connects smartphones to almost any optical device gives your everyday camera superpowers. The Carson Universal is an incredibly simple…Read more ›

How to Access Attachment Files in Messages App from Mac OS X Finder

When you send or receive a picture, audio message, gif, video, or file in the Messages app of OS X, it obviously appears within the conversation window of that particular message, but those attachment files are also stored locally in a caches directory that can be accessed through the traditional file system of your Mac. … Read More

How to Recover Mail Attachment Storage Space in iOS

The Mail app on our iPhones and iPads downloads and stores emails and attachments into iOS, which makes for easy searching and retrieval of past emails. For most users this is no big deal and the convenience overrides any potential issues, but some users who send and receive a lot of attachments or tons of … Read More

Sony Planning 20.2MP Camera Attachment For Smartphones [Rumor]

7_Xperia_Z_camera_UIDo you ever wish you had a better camera in your smartphone? Well, before you upgrade to a hideous Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, you might want to take a look at the blurry picture above. It’s an accessory that Sony is rumored to be working on that’ll help you take incredible pictures with your smartphone. […]

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Speed Up Mail App on Older Macs By Turning Off Image Attachment Previews

Mail image previews, shown on and off

Anytime an image or PDF is attached to an email in the OS X Mail app, you will be presented with a preview of that picture or document. Likewise, if someone emails you photos those images are then drawn on screen within that email as previews. While this is a great feature for most of us, drawing those inline graphics can be a very  [Read More…]

Compose a New Mail Message with an Attachment by Drag & Drop

Drag and drop a file into Mail for instant mail attachment

Surely everyone knows by now that you can drag and drop files directly into Mail messages to attach those files to an email, but did you know you can instantly create a new email with an attachment by dragging the file in question to Mail’s Dock icon instead?

Try it out, drag any file directly into the Mail icon. You’ll  [Read More…]

Gmail for iOS 1.3 Gets Faster Scrolling, Animations & Attachment Saving

Google’s official Gmail app has had a sordid history. It launched so broken it had to be pulled from the App Store, and when it relaunched, it came without push notifications… a pretty big oversight in an iOS email client. Gmail finally got push notifications, but the app overall still felt a little clunky.

Enter version 1.3. Google says the latest update to their official Gmail app for iOS makes a  [Read More…]