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How to Fix Mail Not Showing Attachments in Mac OS Sierra

Some Mac users have discovered that Mail app has stopped showing attachments after updating to Mac OS Sierra, despite not having manually removed the attachments themselves. Additionally, existing emails with attachments may appear as if the email attachments disappeared entirely. While having disappearing Mail attachments can be alarming, you can usually resolve this issue with … Read More

Open Winmail.dat Attachments Files on iPhone & iPad with TNEF Enough

iPhone and iPad owners who regularly receive emails from Windows-based users may find ‘winmail.dat’ files attached to the email messages, a file type which Mail.app can struggle to identify or open. Since winmail.dat files can be anything from a simple styled rich text email, to a calendar invite, vcf contact card, or even a legitimate … Read More

How to Add Email Attachments in Mail for iPhone & iPad

Mail app in iOS allows users to easily add any type of file attachment to an email, as long as the attachment in question is coming from an associated iCloud Drive. This means you can add files from Pages, Microsoft Office documents, PDF, PSD, text and rtf files, or just about anything else, directly to … Read More

iOS 7 encryption bug leaves your email attachments exposed

Despite Apple’s claims that all your email attachments are safely locked away with data encryption in iOS 7, a new report has found that email attachments have been exposed and unencrypted for weeks or even months. After noticing that something was…Read more ›

BBM Update Brings Stickers & Support For Larger Attachments

BlackBerry today announced its latest BBM update for Android and iOS. In addition to adding stickers, the release supports larger file attachments, and the ability to share photos in group chat. BBM has long supported emoticons, but in an effort…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Multiple Attachments App Lets You Send… Yes, You Guessed It

Quick – guess what the “Multiple Attachments” App does. Correctamundo! It lets you add multiple attachments to an email on iOS. The app is absurdly simple. You just send it as many documents and pictures as you like via the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Evomail Announces EvoCloud: Auto-Save Attachments To Dropbox And More

Users of EvoMail are about to find the iOS app getting a whole lot more reliable, and a whole lot cooler. The company has just launched its EvoCloud, which adds a whole bunch of neat server-side tricks to your e-mail.…Read more ›

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iOS 7 Mail Now Lets You View Files Inside Zipped Attachments

zippersEarlier this morning in the Cult of Mac chatroom, Killian told me that “iOS 7 as a whole is little more than a lick of paint.” He was baiting me of course (I hope so anyway, or I have some punishment to administer), but it’s a common enough view. However, as we shall see, there’s […]

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How to Remove Attachments from Mail in Mac OS X

Mail icon Removing attachments from an email or everything in Mail app can be useful for a variety of reasons, from ditching a file that is no longer relevant to an email thread, to lowering the file transfer size when sending/replying to a message, or for more extreme cases for individuals with smaller hard drives, for reducing the overall disk space consumed by the Mail attachments directory.

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You Can Now Pre-Order Loop Attachment’s Awesome Mummy Case For iPad

Mummy-case-iPadWe’re big fans of Loop Attachment here at Cult of Mac — they make some really awesome accessories for iOS devices. And this week they’ve made their terrific Mummy case available to pre-order for the full-size iPad. We reviewed the iPad mini model back in April and found it to be one of the best […]

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