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iOS and Mac attacks will rise in 2016, but Apple still no. 1 for security

Security firms Symantec and FireEye say that 2016 is set to usher in an increase in the number of attacks on Apple systems — following a rise in the quantity of threats to Mac computers, and the more-than-doubling of iOS malware in 2015. Dick O’Brien, a researcher at Symantec, says the increasing number of attacks is part […]

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How Apple Watch could predict heart attacks in the future

The Apple Watch heart rate monitor is far better than everyone thought, and that could theoretically lead to big medical breakthroughs — like the ability to predict heart attacks before they happen. Developer Brad Larson dug into raw Apple Watch…

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Zuckerberg attacks: If Apple really cared about customers, iPhones would cost less

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has lashed out at Tim Cook’s privacy policy, calling it “ridiculous,” and knocking Apple for pricing its products as highly as it does. Zuckerberg’s rebuttal follows comments made by Cook in September, in which he noted…

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FxGuru Lets You Add Mech Attacks And UFO Invasions To iPhone Videos

Think Apple’s “Misunderstood” Christmas ad would have been improved with the addition of a random piano drop, ghost bride, or chainsaw-wielding madman? If so, you can re-create the commercial your way using Picadelic’s FxGuru: Movie FX Director app. Previously an…

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Smart Apple Sensor Could Warn You About Heart Attacks [Rumor]

Apple is reportedly looking into developing a device capable of predicting heart attacks. The medical sensor device — possibly a feature for the long-reported iWatch, if previous rumors are to be believed — would listen to the sound blood makes…

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John Woo Attacks iOS With Upcoming On-Rails Escort-Mission Game, Bloodstroke

maxresdefaultIf you’re a fan of famous action director John Woo, you’ll be as excited as we were when we heard that he’s working on an iOS game, Bloodstroke, in development with Moonshark Games (Stan Lee’s Verticus, Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor) and to be published by Chillingo. AppAdvice reports that the game will be an on-rails […]

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Microsoft Attacks iPad’s Hardware Specs And Multi-Tasking In New Ad [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgu9uo2UpPg?rel=0]

Microsoft is obviously tired of everyone saying that Apple is the only tablet maker that innovates. Last night Microsoft published its first Windows 8 tablet vs iPad ad that made fun of Siri, but the company’s not stopping there.

Microsoft just posted another anti-iPad ad to its YouTube channel this morning. Rather than belittling Siri though, the new ad takes the iPad to task over its specs by comparing it to the extremely popular ASUS VivoTab RT.

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The Communist Chinese Press Attacks Apple For Being “Empty And Self-Praising”

A communist country pointing the finger at Apple for being tight-lipped? That's the pot calling the kettle black.

A communist country pointing the finger at Apple for being tight-lipped?

The Chinese Communist Party is continuing to attack Apple in the press, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. After China Central Television (CCT) ran its big hit piece, the government’s newspaper has also decided to throw dirt on Apple now. The first  [Read More…]

Unknown Hack Attacks Continue to Pilfer iTunes Accounts

According to a growing number of complaints from iTunes customers, mysterious account hacks are responsible for vanishing gift card money that, presumably, can be chalked up to theft.

The latest wave of complaints suggests that Apple still has progress to make when it comes to limiting the damage that can be done by hackers determined to access accounts by unlawful methods, change the login credentials, and then steal any available funds linked to the account.

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Mac Attacks Elevate In 2011; Still Well Below Windows

According to a post by�F-Secure Labs, the number of Mac-based security threads jumped in 2011 but still remain far below that of Windows PCs. A total of 58 unique variants were detected from April through December according to the Labs� Threat Research Team.

Of the 57, nearly half (29 to be specific) were Trojan downloaders, which�F-Secure�defines as a type of Trojan horse program that secretly downloads a slew of malicious files from a remote server, then  [Read More…]