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These magnetic iPhone lenses will make your videos and photos much more attractive

I was shooting my son’s school play a couple of months ago with my iPhone, as I don’t have a dedicated video camera any more. Because I sat up close, I wasn’t really able to capture the whole stage in…Read more ›

Pebble Time Steel is the more attractive sibling to Pebble’s new smartwatch

This time last week, Pebble announced Pebble Time, its brand new smartwatch for 2015. And if you’ve already backed that thinking it would keep you going until a more extravagant successor to the Pebble Steel came along, you’re going to…Read more ›

Apple employees are least attractive among top tech firms

Apple and Google may reign supreme as the top two tech companies in the U.S., but when it comes to attractiveness, Amazon and Microsoft employees are absolutely slaying them. After crunching the numbers from its social-networking app for professionals, Hinge…Read more ›

These Headphones Will Probably Make You More Attractive

When headphones look this good, who cares how they sound? Well, me, for one. After all, unless you carry a mirror everywhere you go, you never see your headphones while you’re using them. Still, Phiaton’s Bridge MS 500 headphones just…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Looxcie’s New Live-Streaming Video Cam Possibly Their Most Attractive Yet

  The big idea behind Looxcie’s video cameras is that they can live-stream video to a variety of audiences (including Facebook) by linking, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to an iPhone or Android phone running Looxcie’s free companion app. But unlike…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Armored Leather iPad Case Shares “Attractive Qualities Of A Gladiators’ Armor”

Despite their slim and delicate appearance, Apple’s iDevices are pretty tough. I have dropped my iPad mini from to top of the fridge onto a tiled floor with no real damage – just a dented corner. In fact, in the five years that I have owned iDevcies, I have broken one screen, and that was […]

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Microsoft Makes Mountain Lion Server Very Attractive By Gouging Small Businesses With Windows Server 2012 Licensing

Microsoft’s small business server will go up against Mountain Lion Server at 10X the cost and with artificial limits on it.

Now that Microsoft has unveiled the pricing and licensing models for Windows Server 2012, it’s easy to see why Apple’s focus on the small business market has been a genius move. Apple has been positioning its server platform as a small business solution for a while and Mountain Lion Server is  [Read More…]