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Spotify Wants Devs To Bake Streaming Audio Into Their Apps With New Tool

Spotify hasn�t even bothered with a native iPad app yet, but with their latest move, it looks like they might never have to: they are giving devs the tools to embed Spotify music streaming into their own apps.


Called the Spotify Embedded Player linspotify 9, the API will allow devs to bake Spotify into their apps.

I suppose a dev could use these APIs to build their own alternative Spotify  [Read More…]

No Double Dip For Personal Audio in Second Infringement Case Against Apple

Personal Audio’s second suit against Apple, which was only reported last week, has already been shut down by Judge Ron Clark.

Clark in his decision cited the $8 million Personal Audio received in their first suit against Apple as enough money to cover both complaints. If you remember, Personal Audio’s original suit dealt with how a number of older iPods used playlists. The new suit focused on iPhone 4s, iPads, and modern iPods and how they  [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Taps THX Creator for New Audio Ambitions

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It’s a hire for Apple straight out of Star Wars – literally. The big buzz around Cupertino is that “sound legend” and venerable cinematic audio innovator Tomlinson Holman has been hired by Apple to help dramatically improve the company’s audio-related efforts, particularly with regard to phsyical products like the iDevice line.

Although Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the hire, TWiT Network owner Leo Laporte broke the news by  [Read More…]