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Flappy Bird sequel coming in August, creator promises to make it less addictive

The most addicting game to ever hit the App Store will make its triumphant return in August. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen tells CNBC that he has a new version in the works.  Nguyen pulled the title from the App Store at…Read more ›

iPhone 6 could land as early as August

If you’re counting down the seconds until you can lovingly hold the iPhone 6 in your sweaty palms, you may have less time to wait than you thought, according to sources within Apple’s supply chain. As per Taiwanese media reports,…Read more ›

iOS Worldwide Mobile Web Share Drops To 55% From 65% Last August

iOSmobilewebshareWhile Apple has been getting dominated by Android in terms of the sheer number of smartphones sold, iOS users have still managed to capture the lion’s share of worldwide mobile web share company, but it looks like the size of their pie is shrinking. According to the latest survey from NetApplications, iOS’s worldwide mobile web […]

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O2 Reveals 4G Price Plans Ahead Of August 29 Launch

O2-4G-comingO2 has today confirmed the price of its 4G price plans ahead of their rollout next Thursday, August 29. The carrier’s SIM-only plans will start from £26 ($40) per month, while those that are tied to a 4G handset start from £32 ($49) per month. All of O2’s 4G plans will also come bundled with […]

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‘SimCity’ For Mac Set For August 29th Release Date, Says EA

simcityMacOriginally planned as a June 11 release, Sim City is now going to release on August 29, 2013, according to a tweet today from EA’s official SimCity Twitter account. Joining another hotly anticipated game release for the Mac, Bioshock Infinite, SimCity will hopefully be ready for prime time and not delayed again. SimCity came out […]

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‘Bioshock: Infinite’ Comes To Mac On August 29th!

Columbia_skyviewAlready explored all of Rapture on your Mac? Gear up, soldier. It’s time to soar up to the air city Columbia in Irrational Games’s incredible, award-winning sequel to the Bioshock series, Bioshock Infinite. It’s coming to the Mac App Store at the end of the month. Bioshock Infinite is a different kind of sequel: one […]

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‘Mikey Hooks’ For iOS Headed To App Store August 8th, Prepare Your Thumbs

MikeyHooks_screen1Two guys named Mike met up on the TouchArcade forums a few years back and bonded over their love of retro platform games with a hook. A literal hook, to be specific. Mike Meade and Mike Gaughen competed with each other to see who was the best Hook Champ player, moving on to challenge each […]

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Steve Jobs Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher Will Finally Hit Cinemas This August


The delayed Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gadd will finally hit cinemas this August. Entitled JOBS, the movie was originally set for release back in April, but distributor Open Road Films put it on hold so that it could spend more time on marketing.

It’s unclear whether the company has actually done that — I haven’t seen it marketed anywhere, have you? — but it seems Open Road is now  [Read More…]

‘August’ Looks Like The iPhone-Controlled Smart Lock You’ve Been Waiting For


A new device called August aims to do what Nest did for thermostats.

Designed by the makers of the Jawbone fitness band, August brings the concept of sharing a key into the 21st century.

A sleek, hi-tech deadbolt and companion iPhone app allow you to unlock and lock your door without the need of a physical key. Access codes for your lock can even be sent to friends and family using the  [Read More…]

Smart Driving Assistant ‘Automatic’ Delayed Until August


Automatic, the California-based startup that turns the iPhone into your own driving assistant, had planned to start shipping preorders this month. Unfortunately, the $ 70 car dongle + iPhone app won’t be shipping until the end of August now. Automatic needs more time to finish its app before drivers around the country start using it on the road.

An email explaining the delay was recently sent out to preorder customers:

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