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Australian banks aren’t in a hurry to say g’day to Apple Pay

Apple Pay might be a while arriving in Australia according to a new report, which claims that the country’s four largest banks are stalling negotiations with Apple so as to hold on to $ 2 billion per year they earn from merchants for interchange fees. The reason for this likely relates to the amount of money the […][Read More…]

Australian schools dis-koala-fy Apple Watch from exam halls

The University of New South Wales in Australia is the latest school to tell students that wrist-worn devices, especially smartwatches like Apple Watch, are not welcome during exams. Administrators issued the ban to get ahead of any possibility that the…Read more ›

Epic Australian journey gets remixed for smartphone era

Rick Smolan, creator of the Day in the Life series, has made a career out of turning complicated ideas into groundbreaking photography books. His latest book is more personal — and equally innovative. It’s a collection of photographs he made…Read more ›

Did Apple steal the name for HealthKit from an Australian startup?

Apple might have been planning its entry into health-tracking for quite some time, but it may not have given quite so much thought to the name of its HealthKit platform, as recently announced at WWDC. That’s because an Australian health…Read more ›

Apple Didgeridon’t Pay Their Australian Taxes, Investigators Claim

Apple has been accused of shifting close to $ 8.1 billion in untaxed profits from its Australian operations to Ireland over the past ten years. An investigation by the Australian Financial Review got hold of a decade’s worth of financial accounts…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Tells Australian Court: We Invented Apps

Did Apple invent the “app”? In terms of coining the word — or coming up with the idea of software — the obvious answer is that of course they didn’t. But did Apple’s approach to apps — seen most readily…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Blames High Australian iTunes Prices On Music & Movie Labels


Back in February, the Australian parliament demanded explanations from Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft over the prices charged for their products down under, with some goods costing as much as 70% more than they do in the United States. Apple has today responded to the inquiry, but don’t expect the Cupertino company to be reducing its prices anytime soon.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Apple Australia boss Tony King “blamed ‘old-fashioned notions’ of  [Read More…]

Apple Extends Australian Warranties To 2 Years, But It’s Keeping Quiet About It


Apple has extended its warranties on Macs and iOS devices in Australia from 12 to 24 months, but the Cupertino company is keeping quiet about it, The Sidney Morning Herald reports.

The change has been made to comply with Australian consumer law, which states that statutory warranties should stand for a “reasonable” period of time, even after the manufacturer’s standard warranty has expired.

Until recently, Apple warranties in Australia only covered devices for  [Read More…]

Australian Police Warn Apple’s iOS 6 Maps Inaccuracies Could Get Someone Killed

Motorists looking for Mildura are getting lost in Murray Sunset National Park.

The countless problems users have faced with Apple’s new Maps service have been widely documented since the software made its debut with iOS 6 back in September. The large majority of users — particularly those outside of the United States — have found it to be unreliable, inaccurate, and largely useless.

Now Australian police have warned that using the service  [Read More…]

Australian Band Brings Popular iOS Games To Life For New Music Video

www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrsoluSjuKc Hey Geronimo, an indie-pop band fromAustralia, have brought a number of iOS games to life for their latest music video that sees titles like Plants vs. Zombies, Flight Control, Cut the Rope, and, of course, Angry Birds played in the real world. The humorous clip perfectly suits the bands famously kooky image, and I think youll love it if youve played any one of these releases before. [via VG24/7]