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This Is Hitchhiker’s Guide Author Douglas Adams’ Lost Love Letter To OS X

47. Thanks for all the fish. Milliwaves. Famed author Douglas Adams is known for many things, including his legendary Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series. But did you know Adams was not only a die-hard Apple fan, but the last…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Apple Book Bundle: Two Detailed Portraits By Bestselling Author Leander Kahney [Deals]

If you’re looking to gain an insightful perspective as to how Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world you’ll get that and so much more with these two genius titles written by Leander Khaney. Leander has been…Read more ›

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Books Created In iBooks Author Can Now Be Previewed In iBooks For Mac

Following the release of OS X Mavericks on Tuesday, Apple has updated iBooks Author for Mac to introduce compatibility with the desktop iBooks app. So, books created in iBooks Author can now be previewed and read in iBooks for Mac.…Read more ›

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iPhone Support For Ebooks Created In iBooks Author Might Be On The Way

ibooksauthorabout.jpgSince it’s introduction last year, Apple’s iBooks Author app has only supported the creation of iBooks for iPad, but some new evidence on Apple’s website suggests  iPhone support might be on its way soon. Apple’s added ebook support for the iPad mini and previewed the arrival of iBooks for Mac WWDC, leaving the iPhone as […]

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Working On An Ebook Using iBooks Author? These Template Packages Can Make It Look Like A Masterpriece

Template packs for iBooks Author, help make your ebooks look unique and professionally designed.

Although Apple pitched iBooks Author as a tool for educators, the company fully supports anyone who want to create an ebook using iBooks Author to do so. Apple also lets anyone that creates an ebook with iBooks Author to distribute it through the iBookstore – the catch being that the iBooks Author edition of an ebook can’t be  [Read More…]

Jumsofts New Clipart Package For iWork And iBooks Author Is Great For Students And Small Businesses

Jumsoft’s latest clipart and pattern pack delivers plenty of impact.

App and template designer Jumsoft announced a new collection of images and patterns for Apple’s iWork suite. The new package, known as Elements for iWork, is the company’s eleventh collection of professionally designed images, templates and stationary designed to help businesses, students, and consumers create stunning documents and projects using a range of Mac apps.

Elements for iWork includes 360 doodle-inspired icons,  [Read More…]

Movellas Wants To Make Your Teen Into A Best-Selling Author [MWC 2012]

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 One of the things that first inspired me to be a professional writer was sharing my early fiction experiments as a 10 year old on the discussion boards of the old dial-up service, Prodigy. The instantaneous feedback, the helpful advice, the suggestions from other people about what should happen next to my character (a monster-killing, Nazi-loathing private dick named  [Read More…]

Apple Clarifies EULA For iBooks Author: No, We Dont Want To Steal Ownership Of Your Books

When Apple first released their incredible new iBooks authoring tool (called wait for it iBooks Author) there was a fair amount of scandal that the EULA included provisions that gave Apple exclusive publishing rights to the book. It meant authors couldnt publish their books in iBook and the Kindle Store at the same time, for example. We were skeptical from the start that  [Read More…]

If iBooks Author Is Overkill For Your Simple eBook Project, Try Book Creator For iOS Instead [Review]

Book Creator for iOS Apples new iBooks Author application for Mac is an impressive piece of work, even more so when you consider that it costs nothing. Although easy to use compared to many other page layout apps, its still quite a lengthy and complicated process to produce a book with it. Its also squarely aimed at the education market. It was designed for the creation of textbooks.  [Read More…]

Author of Inside Apple Talks Apple Corporate Culture and Secrecy [Video]

Adam Lashinsky, the author of the newly released book Inside Apple: How Americas Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works, recently appeared on an episode of InDay Speaker Series to discuss his work. The interview is about 50 minutes long and covers the corporate culture of Apple, how some internal processes work, and their legendary secrecy. If youre interested in the business side of Apple, its worth watching the video below: Inside Apple is available from Amazon.com for  [Read More…]