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Thanks To Apple,TextExpander Can’t Automatically Update Snippets Across iOS Apps Anymore

TextExpander, the amazing utility that allows you to type a quick shortcut (or “snippet”) and have it expand into any text you want, has been in a bit of trouble with Apple recently. The maker of TextExpander, Smile Software, was…

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Automatically Back Up All Your Files Securely With 30 Days Of Carbonite…For FREE! #CyberMonday [Freebie]

If you’re looking for a secure online backup solution, look no further than Carbonite. There’s a reason they’re a leading provider of cloud backup solutions for home and business users in over 100 countries. And with one free month of…

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Meteor Automatically Erases Photos You No Longer Need, Or Want

  Meteor is a $ 1 app with a brilliant, simple solution to a common problem no one seems to have addressed until now — and it’ll almost certainly unclutter your phone. As demonstrated repeatedly, the iPhone’s camera is a legitimate…

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Google Chrome To Automatically Block Malware Downloads

While malware isn’t as widespread or as common on Macs as it is on PCs, you’re kidding yourself if you still believe OS X is immune to it. It’s a very real threat, and if you’re not careful about what…

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Prevent Zip Clutter by Moving Archives Automatically After Unzipping in Mac OS X

Anyone who downloads files from around the web, ftp, torrents, and elsewhere will eventually wind up with a lot of archive clutter sitting around on their Mac in the form of tons of zip, rar, sit, and other compressed file formats. This is because the default behavior is set for archives to maintain their existence even after their contents are extracted, a reasonable but conservative setting that can cause users to forget about the original archive file(s).

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Back Up iPhone Photos Automatically to DropBox

You can really never have too many backups of your most important files, and since our iPhone photos and pictures often fall into the ‘very important’ category, having an automatic backup solution directly from your iPhone can be a good idea. Yes, using iCloud will back up some photos, but it doesn’t offer direct access to a single picture the way that copying them to your computer does. That’s where Dropbox can come in, offering a bit of both worlds;  [Read More…]

Wrangle Your Whole Family’s Photos Into One Place Automatically Using Photosync 2.0 [How To]

Set this once, and all your iPhone pictures will be auto-filed whenever you arrive home.This post is as much for our Dear Leader Leander Kahney as much as it is for you, our wonderful and ever-curious reader. It solves a problem Leander struggled with for a full thirty seconds before tossing it to us minions in the Cult of Mac HipChat room. The problem: How to get all the […]

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Automatically Import Stuff From The iOS Clipboard Into Evernote [iOS Tips]


As an Evernote junkie and web-searcher, I use Evernote Web Clipper on my Mac, like, all the time. When I come across a great website, story, or even just some text on a page, I clip it right to Evernote, and then have the clipped notes with me on any platform, whether on the go with an iPad, iPhone, or at home on my Mac.

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Scanner Pro From Readdle Now Detects Page Borders Automatically

Scanner-Pro-border-detectionScanner Pro from Readdle is a super useful app that allows you to scan documents, receipts, and more and then store them digitally on your iOS devices. With its latest update, Scanner Pro got even easier with real-time border detection technology, which automatically finds page borders for you. Prior to this update, you had to […]

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Stop Images Loading Automatically in Mail App to Reduce Data Usage & Speed Up Email on iOS

Emails opened in Mail app for iOS default to loading all images attached to that message. This makes emails format and arrange themselves as the sender intended, often with nice little header graphics and signature files, but it has a potentially serious downside: increased bandwidth usage. On a wi-fi connection that bandwidth usage hardly matters, but on many of the smaller and more limited cellular data plans, each KB and MB of data transfer is precious, and the little cutesy  [Read More…]