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Keep Track of Defaults Write Commands Used in Mac OS X Automatically

defaults write If you like to tweak Mac OS X with a lot of defaults write commands from the terminal, you already know how hard it can be to keep track of them. Sure you can query command history for specific command syntax, and you can always use grep to find executed defaults commands, but there’s a better way to keep track of them all, and that’s by keeping an automatically updated  [Read More…]

Automatically Log Out of a Mac After a Period of Inactivity

Automatic Log Out in Mac OS X Using the automatic log out feature is a good way to bring an additional layer of security to a Mac. It works just as you’d expect; after a predetermined amount of time has passed without activity, the active user account logs itself out. This means all currently running apps close out as well as all documents which save in their current state through the Versions  [Read More…]

Automatically Stream Photos from iPhone to a Mac Screen Saver with Photo Stream

Stream photos from iPhone to a Mac screen saver automatically

The latest versions of iPhoto (11+) and OS X (Mountain Lion+) support Photo Stream screen savers, this means you can have your Mac display a screen saver show that automatically updates the stream of photos based on pictures that are taken on the go with an iPhone, without ever having to manually copy pictures over to the computer or set them into  [Read More…]

Updated Skype App Will Reconnect Your Dropped Calls Automatically



Using Skype to subvert your monthly voice minutes is great when the service. Every now and then you get a dropped call because of crappy Wifi or cellular reception though and then you have to go back in and make the call all over.

A new update for Skype just hit the App Store today, and it makes calls a lot better. Rather than having to redial a number when a  [Read More…]

Cycloramic App Will Automatically Rotate Your iPhone 5 To Take Perfect 360º Videos

My hands shake worse than a crack addict when I take video. I’m too cheap to go buy a tripod, so I just don’t try and take video anymore. There’s a new app that’s ready to cure some of my problems though. It’s called Cycloramatic and it’s the most amazing app you’re going to see today.

Rather than forcing you to buy a tripod to take perfect 360º videos, Cycloramic uses the vibrations of your iPhone 5 to swivel around and get  [Read More…]

Automatically Update Your Address Book With Three Free Months Of WriteThatName Premium [Freebie]

I swear my Contacts are a mess. It’s all because of the time I was doing outside sales (this was like 8 years ago now) and I imported the entire prospect database into my address book. Granted I’ve used some of these addresses since, but, wow, do I have some serious cruft in there. Not only do I have addresses that I don’t need, I have lots of outdated addresses that are  [Read More…]

Facebook Launches Photo Sync For iOS App, Pics Automatically Uploaded To Private Album

Today Facebook launched its new Photo Sync feature for all users of its mobile applications. So if you have the official Facebook app on your iPhone, you now have Photo Sync. It’s been added to the app without an accompanying update in the App Store.

Photo Sync automatically uploads the pictures you take on your device and stores them in a private Facebook photo album. You can then choose to share, file  [Read More…]

Automatically Add Twitter Usernames & Profile Pictures to Contacts from OS X

Add Twitter usernames and profile images to Contacts

Now that Twitter is deeply integrated into OS X from Mountain Lion onward, you can easily add Twitter usernames and their accompanying profile pictures to your existing Contacts information automatically. This is done by crossmatching data in your Contacts list with Twitter email addresses and phone numbers, which basically guarantees accuracy.

Open System Preferences and click on “Mail, Contacts & Calendars” Select your Twitter username  [Read More…]

Stop OS X Mountain Lion from Automatically Downloading App and OS X Updates

Stop automatic app downloads and updates in OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion has a handful of features that are dependent on a constant internet connection, and one of those is the new automatic update feature. Undeniably convenient, OS X and all apps installed from the Mac App Store will automatically download and update themselves, but if you have metered internet or are using Personal Hotspot you’ll probably want to save  [Read More…]

Stop iPad Screen from Dimming or Locking Automatically

Stop iPad screen from dimming and locking itself

The iPad screen defaults to automatically dim itself and then turn itself off after a fairly short amount of time of inactivity. That’s great for preserving battery life of iOS devices, but if you’re like me you keep an iPad or iPhone alongside you full time while working as a control panel for Pandora, podcasts, and email, and having the screen lock after a few  [Read More…]